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Review DHS Data

The Pennsylvania Department of Human Services is committed to making data-driven decisions to better serve Pennsylvanians. The interactive map below provides a county-by-county look at how many residents are enrolled in departmental programs.

Monthly Data Report

The department's monthly data report provides details about enrollment and service utilization in DHS programs.

In collaboration with Governor Tom Wolf's Open Data Initiative, additional data sets will be added to this page as they are reviewed and processed.

The DHS clickable service map is now available to display enrollment/SNAP spending by county.

Data By Topic

Child Welfare

Providing open data around child welfare helps keep Pennsylvania's children safer.
Review the annual Child Abuse and Protective Services Report and quarterly summaries of child fatalities and near fatalities in Pennsylvania. An interactive dashboard around child welfare services is planned for a future release.

County Block Grant Funds

Thirty counties receive block grant funding via a pilot program to provide for the county-based human service needs of their residents. View yearly fiscal reports for each of those counties. 

Early Childhood Education

The Office of Child Development and Early Learning has a research page where Pennsylvanians can review needs assessments, program information, and public data. Browse the data dashboards (please note that data maps will take some time to load). 

Enrollment Data

View the Office of Income Maintenance Listserv for enrollment data on Medical Assistance, the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. 

Developmental Programs

Visit the Office of Developmental Programs' to view data reports, rate schedules, and other announcements.

Long-Term Care

This workbook from the Office of Long-Term Living provides information about nursing facilities, such as demographics, cost, and how many residents within each facility receive Medical Assistance.


View our interactive Medicaid data dashboard and see how many Pennsylvanians were able to get covered and get connected to critical health care services. 

Medical Assistance

The HealthChoices website hosts data books and provides historical data about the HealthChoices program in Pennsylvania. 

Mental Health

DHS is committed to improving the mental health and substance abuse programs it provides to all Pennsylvanians.

Office of Long Term Living 

OLTL's Data Dash is a collection of documents regarding current OLTL enrollment data, market share between CHC-MCO's and other frequently requested information.

 Personal Care Homes

Check out the number of licensed personal care homes in the state, information about residents, how many beds are available, and more.

Human Services County Data

In an effort to track outcomes, here are two interactive dashboards that capture county data around mental health and substance abuse programs, and home and community-based service programs for people with intellectual disabilities.

An interactive dashboard on child welfare services is planned for a future release.