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​Bureau of Procurement and Contract Management

The bureau is responsible for the overall coordination, strategic planning and policy development for all Department of Human Services (DHS), Department of Health (DOH), Department of Aging (PDA) and Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs (DDAP) contracting and procurement activities. These activities include: the purchasing of supplies and services; coordinating contract monitoring policies, training, and contract execution activities; and assisting program offices in developing statements of work, pricing models, performance measures, methods of verifying performance, evaluation criteria, and assisting throughout the finalization of the agreements.

DeShawn Lewis, Director
Bureau of Procurement and Contract Management
Tel: (717) 772-2231

William (Mac) Spiker, Director
Division of Human Services Procurement
Tel: (717) 214-8104

Lori Diehl, Director
Division of Public Health Procurement
Tel: (717) 547-3294


The Division of Human Services Procurement is responsible for coordinating and managing DHS, PDA, and DDAP's complex procurements totaling over $250,000. This includes being the project lead on all the request for proposals (RFP) and request for quotes (RFQ) procurements and coordinating/conducting negotiations for new contracts and renewals. The division also provides assistance to the various agencies and program offices in establishing contract and grant-monitoring plans in order to maximize vendor accountability. The division also provides oversight of DHS, PDA and DDAP's procurements of commodities and services and provides guidance on noncomplex procurements, provides oversight of grant and contract execution and maintenance, in addition to, the Contractor Responsibility Program.


Directs and administers the development, management and execution of all legally binding contractual documents for the DOH, which include being the lead on all procurements and providing oversight of the grant and contract maintenance process.