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​Child Abuse Reports

The Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) requires the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services to annually report to the governor and General Assembly on child abuse in the commonwealth. The report provides information on the efforts to protect and help children who were reported as victims of suspected abuse and neglect. If you are having difficulty finding information about these reports, please contact us by clicking here. 

2017 & 2018 Child Protective Services Report Updates

The 2017 and 2018 Child Protective Services Reports were reissued on June 12, 2019.  Upon further review of the methodology used to calculate or display certain data points, adjustments were made to ensure consistency between the 2017 and 2018 reports. The adjusted data points are outlined below:

2018 Child Protective Services Report

  • County data on even pages from 34 to 166 – Total CPS reports and substantiated CPS reports for 2016 and 2017 were adjusted to reflect only those reports investigated by the county agency.  This is consistent with how the data has been displayed in prior years' reports.  

2017 Child Protective Services Report

  • County data on odd pages from 33 to 165 – Total state expenditures for 2017 was adjusted to $324.94M to be consistent with how the 2016 and 2018 state expenditures were reported.
  • County data on even pages from 34 to 166 – Labels for Reports Screened Out By Reason were adjusted to align with the corresponding data points.
  • Hearings and Appeals Data on page 20 – The methodology for arriving at the breakdown of Appeal Results was adjusted to be consistent with the 2018 report, which had been revised to ensure appeals that originally went through an administrative review panel and were later appealed to the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals were accurately counted for each result.
  • Data extraction date on page 32 – The extraction date was added to read 3/23/18.
  • Removal of extraneous data being displayed on pages 39 and 41 –  Extraneous numbers at the top of the three-year child abuse reports graph were removed.