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SNAP College Employability Programs 

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides a special exemption for eligible students who are enrolled in schools through or in compliance with a DHS-approved state or local program to increase future employability. To qualify, these students must be enrolled in a qualifying employment and training program.  

Get programs reviewed and approved!

Colleges can submit a formal request for an employment and training program to be reviewed and approved. To do so, the college must complete the following steps:

1. Complete the SNAP College Program Checklist
2. Email the completed checklist to DHS at 

Program Eligibility 

Programs meeting the following conditions might qualify as programs enabling SNAP eligibility if the program: 

  • Primarily serves students from low-income households; 
  • Is operated by a state or local government or an instrumentality thereof; and 
  • Provides the equivalent of at least one allowable activity under SNAP E&T (7 CFR 273.7(e)(2)). 

Participating Programs 

The following programs are approved and students may be eligible for a student exemption if they enroll in school through or in compliance with one of the programs listed below: 

Participate in Student Outreach
DHS has developed a tool to help interested colleges perform targeted outreach to students who are potentially eligible for SNAP benefits. Institutions interested in participating in this project should email for more information.