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Thomas G. McGill Tappeh

​When asked to talk about his life, Thomas G. McGill Tappeh starts with his grandfather. His grandfather, Tappeh, was a king of the Dan people living in Liberia, known as a powerful but peaceful king. 

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Yanelis Cruz

​From Cuba, Yanelis Cruz came to the United States as a refugee more than five years ago. Soon after her arrival in Lancaster, she attended high school and earned her diploma. Later, Yanelis worked as a server in a Willow Valley restaurant. With this opportunity for customer interaction, she rapidly improved her English.

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EXEL Logistics

​EXEL Logistics is LCFS's Employer of the Year On March 3rd. Exel Logistics has been honored by LCFS for their commitment to refugees. The company has been working with different Resettlement Agencies in Harrisburg to fill entry level positions for decades. 

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Greater Access to Independence for Newcomers staff members worked on preparing our first in house CNA preparation class. Class started on September 22nd with 12 future CNA students attending the same. GAIN'S CNA prep class offers the basics of what to expect performing the duties and responsibilities of a nursing assistant

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Monita Saru

Monita Saru fled Bhutan with her father, mother and five siblings to come to the U.S., eventually settling in Harrisburg, PA, in 2012. Her parents worked hard to afford a life that allowed their children to attend school.

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