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Connection and Certification Requirements for Health Information Organizations

The Pennsylvania eHealth Partnership is responsible, under Act 76 of 2016, for the creation and maintenance of Pennsylvania's secure health information exchange, known as the PA Patient & Provider Network, or P3N. How does it work? The P3N improves and coordinates patient care by helping providers to find their patients' medical records — in real time — anywhere on the P3N network. Providers connect to P3N through a certified regional network called a health information organization, or HIO.

An HIO interested in connecting to P3N must be certified with the Department of Human Services' eHealth Partnership. To qualify for certification, the HIO must enable exchange between at least two unaffiliated provider and/or payer (private or public) organizations, and enable users to satisfy health information exchange-related Meaningful Use requirements, if applicable.

An HIO seeking eHealth Partnership certification should review the P3N Application for Participation, P3N policies, P3N technical requirements, and the participation agreement (PAR) below. By signing and returning the PAR to the eHealth Partnership, your HIO is attesting compliance with the certification requirements. Upon receiving the signed PAR from your HIO, the eHealth Partnership will provide you with additional documents related to connecting to P3N.

P3N Application for Participation (updated September 2018)
Participation Agreement (PAR) v4 (updated September 2018)
Appendix A - P3N Technical Requirements (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 1 - Terms and Definitions (updated June 2016)
P3N Policy 2 - Documentation Change Management Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 3 - Certification Policy and Process (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 4 - User Management Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 5 - Privacy Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 6 - Auditing Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 7 - Data and Privacy Breach Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 8 - Reporting Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 9 - HIE Trust Community Committee Participation Policy (updated September 2018)
P3N Policy 10 - Security Policy (updated September 2018)
HIO Fee Model and Schedule v4 (updated January 2019) 

If your HIO is interested in becoming a certified P3N participant, or if you need additional information about the P3N, please email