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The PA Refugee Health Program hosts sub-programs for Refugee Health Promotion, which is responsible to provide collaboration, funding, and support for best practices in health promotion, public health interventions, and direct training and education to refugees, health providers, and all stakeholders involved in the direct and indirect care of refugees.

The Refugee Health Promotion Program is a grantee of the federal Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR)’s Health Promotion grant which is managed by the PA RHP’s Health Promotion Coordinator (HPC), who was hired in 2015 during the first cycle of the grant, 2014-12017. Since then, programmatic changes to Refugee Health Program have allowed for the entire grant to be dedicated to health promotion program costs, alleviating the need for funding state program personnel. The HPC’s duties include researching current health issues and best practices in health promotion, disseminating health education information to stakeholders, managing the health promotion grant, and conducting the monitoring and evaluation of funded health promotion projects across the state.

During each grant renewal period, the HPC contacts refugee health providers and stakeholders across the state to recruit for projects to be funded through the health promotion grant based on available funding and health needs of the refugee community in each region. The coordinator submits a proposal and budget to ORR. Once approved, programs across the state to inform of the grant award. Prior to grant approval, notification of possible project/intervention, invoicing, and funding needs must be communicated to DHS. ​