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​Business and Technical Standards: Appendices

Appendix I

The Department of Human Services (DHS) follows a formal content management procedure to add, delete, change, and publish Business and Technical Standards and Policies Compliance Document. The process involves individuals from end-users of the standards and policies to bureau directors who are the custodians of the standards and policies. Involvement from this group of people allows for an appropriate system of checks and balances and helps ensure adherence to DHS's standards and policies.

Business and technical standards contain 11 technology areas or domains. They are security, network, knowledge Management, platform, integration and middleware, data, operations and support, groupware, application, componentware, and business. Each technology domain has a domain lead as designated by the domain's bureau director. The domain leads will periodically review the existing standards and policies to validate the applicability of the standards in their domain. During this review process, domain leads will evaluate the current standards, revise the standards to include the latest technology, remove outdated material from the standards, identify gaps where standards do not exist and attempt to fill these gaps.

Ongoing maintenance of the technical standards and policies is extremely crucial in ensuring that DHS maintains consistency, applicability, and validity of the standards and policies. The process described in this section plays an important role in keeping the standards manageable and current.

Standards and Policies Content Management Procedure

DHS uses the content management procedure to add, delete, or modify a standard in the Business and Technical Standards and Policies Compliance Document. The following diagram illustrates the procedure.

When a user of technical standards and policies identifies the need to add, remove, or change a standard, that individual articulates the need by completing the Change Request section of the Business and Technical Standards Change Request Form. The request initiator then sends the Technical Standards Change Request Form to the Standards documentation administrator (indicated on the change request form).

Upon receiving a change request, the Standards documentation administrator sends the change request to the appropriate technical domain lead. The domain lead reviews and evaluates the change request. If the domain lead approves the change request, the appropriate individuals (including a technical writer) modify the documents that need to be modified to fulfill the change request.

All domain leads and the bureau directors of the domains, review the change request and the modifications. If they approve the change, the Standards documentation administrator applies the modifications to the standards documentation master repository. The DIMO web team then applies the changes to the standards documentation on the Bureau of Information Systems (BIS) site on the Intranet. The BIS site is where users view and use the Business and Technical Standards and Policies Compliance Document.

Formatting Templates for Writing New Standards

Appendix II

The DHS IT Environment Summary provides a summary of the information technology environment at DHS and serves as an introduction to this environment for information technology contractors and vendors that might work with DHS.