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ODP Announcement 20-029:
Provider Tracking ISP Revisions

Updated: March 24, 2020


All Residential Providers (ID/A), Supports Coordination Organizations, Administrative Entities


To provide details of a HCSIS Auto-Authorization for Residential


The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is developing a solution to avoid manual Individual Support Plan (ISP) critical revisions necessary due to the closures of facilities providing Community Participation Supports. A “one-time automated unit authorization” in Home and Community Services Information System (HCSIS) is being scheduled that will impact all ISPs with Residential Habilitation with Day Supports services. The auto-authorization will add Residential Habilitation without Day Supports on all authorized ISPs with an active authorization for Residential Habilitation with Day Supports. 

In addition, if an ISP already has Residential Habilitation without Day Supports authorized, additional units will be auto authorized on the ISP, not to exceed 365 days. 

The date segment on the ISP for this service will begin on 3/11/2020 for new Residential Habilitation without Day Supports service segments added as a result of this auto update. This auto-authorization is scheduled to run once and cannot occur if an ISP is in draft status. Please ensure ISPs anticipated to be impacted that are in draft status are deleted or authorized before the auto update. This HCSIS protocol is anticipated to be enacted at the end of this week. 

ODP is recommending SCOs and AEs suspend activities associated with critical revisions related to Residential Habilitation when related to "without" day supports and ensure residential plans are not in draft status. Questions should be directed to your respective ODP Regional Office.