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​Former Foster Youth

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) makes Medicaid/Medical Assistance available to former foster youth, ages 18 to 26, even they are working.

Who is eligible? 

Only those who were in foster care on or after their 18th birthday are eligible.

    • What if I signed myself out of foster care when I was 18? Great question! You are still eligible!
    • What if I aged-out of foster care when I was 21? Another great question! You are still eligible!
    • What if I am 18 and still in foster care? The same health insurance you had when you were 17 is still in effect. You can speak with your caseworker for more information.

Who isn’t eligible?

    • Any person who was in foster care, but left before their 18th birthday.
    • Any person who did not receive medical assistance while in foster care.

If you think you are eligible, we encourage you to ask your caseworker.

If you have already left foster care:

    • Apply online through COMPASS
    • Call the PA Consumer Service Center at 1-866-550-4355 to apply or ask questions
    • Find additional information on what all of this means at and on the DHS website. You can always contact your caseworker, independent living coordinator, or the county agency with which you were last in contact

If you are still in foster care:

    • Talk to your caseworker to learn about how you may be eligible to continue to receive health insurance with no break in coverage. You will continue to receive Medical Assistance benefits, including behavioral health care services, prescription and dental care.

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