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​Support Services

All of us need help at one time or another. Adoptive families are no different. Sometimes that support comes from professionals in the medical or adoption community such as doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists and therapeutic support staff. Many times, just talking to or meeting with other adoptive parents who have had similar experiences may be helpful.

Below is a list of organizations you may contact that offer support to adoptive families:

Special Kids Network 1-800-986-4550: connects families to a variety of resources for their children.

Together as Adoptive Parents, Inc. (TAP) – (215)256-6438 or FAX (215) 256-0669. TAP provides adoptive families with information on therapists and tutors available to work with their child. It also serves as a resource for information on adoption assistance.

Support Groups

Support groups provide families with the opportunity to share with others the difficulties and successes of adoption or providing permanency to a child. 

Search and Reunion

Individuals adopted in Pennsylvania have several ways to find out about their biological heritage or to reunite with their birth parents. 

Resource Centers

Ten district libraries were chosen to receive over 100 selections of books, magazines, videos, and resources specific to adoption issues.