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Presentations will be uploaded as they are received. Please check back often. 
Files have been converted to pdf format. If you need the PowerPoint files, please email us.

2023:  Post-Resettlement Programs in a Changing Landscape

Register for the 2023 Statewide Consultation

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Please join us for a two-day event focused on issues faced by refugees and those guiding them through the process. 

We would love to see you and your staff!

Oct. 4th & 5th, 2023  8:30am to 5:00pm

Central Penn College, 600 Valley Road, Summerdale, PA 17093

Check back soon for updates and agenda


Envisioning 2021: Virtual Statewide Refugee Consultation


The Envisioning 20201 Statewide Refugee Consultation Program is available for download. The program includes: 

                              • speaker photos, 
                              • bios, 
                              • presentation information, 
                              • links to presentation slides, 
                              • video recordings of the sessions, and 
                              • a list of resources shared during the sessions.  


2018 Annual Consultation Presentations



2017 Annual Consultation Presentations

Please Note: Federal refugee resettlement program regulations mandate the holding of regionally quarterly collaborations to promote the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information by stakeholders in the resettlement process, including refugees, refugee community-based organizations, voluntary resettlement agencies, service providers, and government agencies. Attendance at all consultations is open to the public.

Issues of key concern addressed through the consultations include employment, the resettlement process, self-sufficiency, adult education, mental health, public benefits, state and federal policy, refugee demographics, best practices in service delivery, job market trends, US citizenship, and coordination of public and private-sector programs.

Pennsylvania hosts an annual statewide consultation and quarterly regional collaborative meetings. Email us for information on upcoming consultations, collaborative meetings and minutes from prior meetings.