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​Preventable Serious Adverse Events for Nursing Facilities

This section contains information for nonpublic and county nursing facilities enrolled in the Medical Assistance Program regarding Preventable Serious Adverse Events. In June of 2009, the General Assembly enacted the Preventable Serious Adverse Events Act. Act of June 10, 2009, P.L. 1, No. 1, codified at, 35 P.S. §§ 449.91 – 449.97 (Act 1). Act 1 prohibits health care providers, including nursing facilities, from knowingly seeking payment from a health payor or patient (1) for a preventable serious adverse event (PSAE); or (2) for any services required to correct or treat the problem created by a PSAE. In addition, Act 1 also requires a health care provider that unknowingly receives payment for services associated with a PSAE or for the services to correct the PSAE to immediately notify the health payor or patient and refund the payment within 30 days of discovery or receipt of payment, whichever is later.