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Preadmission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Process for Out-of-State Residents Seeking Admission to a Pennsylvania Medicaid Certified Skilled Nursing Facility

      The purpose of this page is to provide guidance regarding the type of documentation needed for Out of State residents         that request admission to a Pennsylvania Medicaid certified skilled nursing facility and meet Program Office criteria for         Preadmission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Level II.

    • A PASRR Level I from another state cannot be accepted.
    • The individual must be screened using a Pennsylvania PASRR Level I (MA 376) prior to or on the day of admission.
    • The admitting Pennsylvania nursing facility staff is to notify the county's AAA (AgingWell) when they are in the process of admitting an out of state individual.
    • AAA (AgingWell) will complete an assessment prior to the individual's admission to the Pennsylvania nursing facility to determine the individual's functional eligibility determination (FED).  AAA (AgingWell) utilizes documentation provided by the Out of State referring entity (hospital/community/nursing facility, etc.) and/or the Pennsylvania nursing facility to determine whether the individual is Nursing Facility Clinically Eligible (NFCE) or Nursing Facility Ineligible (NFI). 
    • The admitting Pennsylvania nursing facility or the county's AAA (AgingWell) will complete the Pennsylvania PASRR Level I on or before the date of admission.  If the individual meets Program Office criteria for a PASRR Level II, AAA (AgingWell) will complete the PASRR Level II.
    • After admission to the Pennsylvania nursing facility, AAA (AgingWell) will complete a desk review, or may visit, the individual on the day of admission or as close to the day of admission as possible to complete the PASRR Level II.  AAA (AgingWell) will forward the completed packet to the applicable Program Office.  If the resident meets criteria for multiple Program Offices, AAA (AgingWell) will send the packet to the applicable Program Office; the receiving Program Office will forward the packet to the remaining Program Office(s).
    • The Letter of Determination will be issued by the Program Office(s).

The NF and AAA offices can contact the following offices/individuals for guidance for this process: