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Out-of-State Residents Seeking Pennsylvania Long-Term Nursing Facility (NF) Care Process

The purpose of this is to give guidance regarding the type of documentation needed for Out of State Residents that wish to come to a Pennsylvania NF and who may meet the Program Office criteria in Pennsylvania for a Preadmission Screening Resident Review (PASRR) Level II evaluation.

    • A PASRR Level I from another state cannot be accepted; therefore the individual must be screened using a Pennsylvania PASRR Level I.
    • The admitting Pennsylvania nursing facility is to notify the AAA in their county when they are in the process of admitting an out of state individual.
    • A paper review is to be completed by the Area Agency on Aging (AAA) prior to admission to determine Nursing Facility Clinical Eligibility. The AAA will request all documentation necessary to make the determination. The Pennsylvania NF in coordination with the out of State provider is responsible for providing the necessary documentation to the AAA.
    • The NF will complete the Pennsylvania PASRR Level I on or before the date of admission and forward it to the AAA. If the individual meets the Program Office criteria for a PASRR Level II evaluation, the AAA will do that evaluation.
    • After admission to the Pennsylvania NF, the AAA will visit the individual on the day of admission or as close to the day of admission as possible to complete the PASRR Level II evaluation, if the PASRR Level I done by the NF indicates that the individual meets Program Office criteria to have a PASRR Level II done. If the individual meets the Program Office criteria, the AAA will send the completed evaluation packet to the appropriate Program Office as follows: OMHSAS or ODP or ORC, depending on which Program Office criteria is met. The AAA will only be responsible for sending out one packet and if the individual meets the criteria of another Program Office, it is the responsibility of the initial Program Office to forward the packet to the next appropriate office using the designated referral form. Packets will be reviewed by all responsible Program Offices.
    • The Program Office must have the Pennsylvania PASRR Level I and PASRR Level II forms and other supporting documentation (see page 8 of the PASRR Level II form) sent to their office in order to make the final determination.
    • The Letter of Determination from the Program Office will not be issued until after the individual has been admitted to a Pennsylvania NF.

The NF and AAA offices can contact the following offices/individuals for guidance for this process: