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Applicant Orientation Registration

Thank you for expressing interest in delivering services to individuals with intellectual disabilities and autism (ID/A) under the Consolidated, Community Living, and Person/Family Directed Support (P/FDS) waivers for the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP).

The Provider Applicant Orientation has been developed by ODP to ensure that all applicants intending to provide waiver services for individuals with intellectual disabilities and/or autism have a basic understanding of how the ODP system operates prior to starting services. This orientation is broken up into two parts, six preregistration modules, and a full-day face-to-face orientation. The CEO/executive director is required to review the information in the six preregistration modules and pass a test after each module before they can register for a face-to-face session.

    • Only the CEO/executive director is permitted to complete the modules and tests. If other agency personnel complete the preregistration requirements, the results will not be counted as meeting the requirement.
    •  If you plan to provide services independently but not as part of a larger agency, you are considered the CEO/executive director.
    •  After all module tests have been passed, the CEO/executive director will be able to request registration.

To request registration to the Provider Applicant Orientation, you must first create an account on the MyODP website. Download the document below and follow the instructions. After you have successfully created an account and the CEO/executive director has passed all six preregistration module tests*, you will be able to access the area on the website which contains registration information.

If you have difficulty opening the document or creating an account on MyODP, contact or call

If you have questions about the application process, contact

If you are an organization that wants to provide supports coordination services, send an inquiry to

* If you are an organization that wants to provide Adult Autism Waiver services only, you are still required to complete the first five preregistration modules noted above.