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This listing includes the effort over the past year to move local codes to national codes as pertinent to HIPAA compliance.

Please note that the crosswalks attached to the Bulletin list the local codes that were cross-walked to a national code.

Local codes that were end dated with no crosswalk to a national code may also be listed in the Medical Assistance Bulletin and/or Public Notice.

Please note that the effective date noted on this listing indicates the DATE OF SERVICE for which the national codes would be submitted for claims purposes. For dates of service prior to the effective date, the local codes would still be used to submit the claims. If prior authorizations were issued for services that listed the local codes, the services should continue to be submitted using the local codes.

Since the codes were grouped into related services sets, a provider may need to search through several bulletins and attachments to find the sets that contain services related to their practice. For example, Healthy Beginnings Plus relates to multiple providers including Certified Registered Nurse Practitioners (CRNP) as well as a separate Bulletin related to other CRNP services.

Code SetEffective DateBulletin
AnesthesiaJuly 1, 200431-04-06
AnesthesiaJuly 1, 200431-04-07
AmbulanceNovember 1, 200426-04-02
Updates to the Ambulance MAB 26-04-02February 20, 200726-07-01
Behavioral HealthOctober 1, 200508-05-05
Healthy Beginnings PlusOctober 1, 200501-05-03
Home HealthOctober 1, 200505-05-01
FQHC/RHCNovember 1, 200508-05-11
Revision to FQHC/RHC CrosswalkApril 1, 200708-07-03
Family PlanningNovember 1, 200508-05-09
Case ManagementNovember 1, 200521-05-03
LaboratoryDecember 1, 200501-05-06
Medical Foster CareNovember 1, 200540-05-01
Renal Dialysis CentersNovember 1, 200530-05-03
Provider MileageDecember 1, 200531-05-16
Durable Medical Equipment and Medical SuppliesDecember 12, 200505-05-04 et. al
Medical Supplier / Hearing Aid Dispenser – PS 220March 1, 200701-07-03
Addition of Orthotic/Prosthetic and Medical Supplies to MA fee scheduleDecember 12, 200525-05-03
ChiropractorsJanuary 1, 200615-05-02
Occupational TherapyJanuary 1, 200617-05-02
PhysiciansFebruary 1, 200631-06-05
MidwivesFebruary 1, 200633-06-01
CRNP'sFebruary 1, 200609-06-03
PodiatristsFebruary 1, 200614-06-04
Birthing CentersMarch 1, 200647-06-01
General HospitalsJuly 17, 200601-06-05
Independent Med/Surg ClinicsMarch 1, 200608-06-03
Rehabilitation Hospitals/UnitsJuly 17, 200601-06-06
Early InterventionJuly 1, 200600-06-04OCD
HospiceFebruary 1, 200606-06-01
OrthodontiaJanuary 1, 200627-06-03
Cleft PalateJanuary 1, 200627-06-03
2004 HCPCSFebruary 7, 200599-05-04
Corrections to 2004 HCPCS MAB 99-05-04February 7, 200599-05-10
2005 HCPCSOctober 1, 200599-05-15
Corrections to 2005 HCPCS MAB 99-05-15March 1, 200699-06-02
Hearing Aid Dispenser-220 Specialty RequirementsMarch 1, 200701-07-03 et. al
Hearing Aid Supply ServicesMarch 1, 200701-07-02 et. al
Vision ServicesMarch 1, 201018-10-02 et. al

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