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Vaccine Distribution Data​

Pennsylvania is participating in the federal Pharmacy Partnership Program in order to coordinate vaccination for skilled nursing facilities, which are licensed by DOH, as well as personal care homes, assisted living facilities, and intermediate care facilities for people with disabilities licensed by DHS. Facilities enrolled in this program are receiving vaccinations from CVS Pharmacy and Walgreens. 

Data on vaccination rates for personal care and assisted living facilities statewide and by individual facilities can be found in this vaccination report (xlsx). This data is as of April 29 and will be updated quarterly.

Other long-term and congregate care settings included in Phase 1A of Pennsylvania's Interim Vaccination Plan, including group homes for people with disabilities; residential treatment facilities and long-term structured residences for adults with behavioral health needs; and private psychiatric hospitals, are not included in the federal partnership but are still in the Phase 1A due to the risk of COVID-19 outbreaks in congregate settings. These settings serve people who have co-occurring medical needs that put them at risk of more severe cases if they contract the virus. Some personal care homes and assisted living facilities were also not enrolled in the federal Pharmacy Partnership program and may be served by the Rite-Aid partnership for DHS-licensed facilities.

View current data on the Rite Aid partnership for DHS-licensed facilities (updated 04/28/21 8:00 am):

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