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Personal Care Home and Assisted Living Residence Administrator Continuing Education 

Issued: June 15, 2020

Personal Care Home (PCH) and Assisted Living Residence (ALR) administrators are required to have at least 24 hours of annual training relating to their job duties per 55 Pa Code § 2600.64(c) and § 2800.64(c), relating to administrator training and orientation. The Personal Care Home and Assisted Living Residence Regulatory Compliance Guides allows an administrator to complete up to 12 of the 24 hours of annual training online. 

In order to support that social distancing be maintained, due to COVID-19, DHS is removing the requirement for face-to-face training during the administrator’s current annual training year and is allowing all the required 24 hours of training to be online. 

As always, administrators are encouraged to take a variety of training courses to enrich and expand their knowledge and skills to help them operate the PCH or ALR successfully. 

Interactive webinars, created just for PCH and ALR administrators and staff, are available within the COVID-19 Learning and Support Network through Tomorrow’s HealthCare™. For more information about these webinars, please visit the Bureau of Human Services Licensing website

Administrators may count the time spent on these webinars toward their required 24 hours of annual training by keeping record of completing the training on file at the PCH or ALR. 

Any questions can be directed to or the operator support hotline at 866-503-3926.