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Direct Care Staff Orientation Training Program for Personal Care Homes and Assisted Living Residences 

Issued: May 18, 2020

Temple University, on behalf of the Department of Human Services, has created an expedited direct care staff orientation training program for Personal Care Homes (PCH) and Assisted Living Residences (ALR) to help train new staff quickly in the event a facility experiences a legitimate staff shortage. This training includes all required trainings at hire except those that must be provided at the facility. 

To access the training program, please go to and select Direct Care Staff Training for Personal Care Home and Assisted Living Residences. Follow the on-line instructions to register and take the training program. 

The program is free to participants, will take approximately 4 hours to complete, and includes Knowledge Checks throughout the modules. 

A certificate of completion will be issued upon full completion of the program. This certificate must be maintained as proof of successful completion of the course and will satisfy the Competency Test requirement under 55 Pa. Code §§ 2600.65(d)(2) and 2800.65(g)(2) until the Governor’s Proclamation of Disaster Emergency expires. 

For any technical questions relating to running the online training, please contact Chris Dubble at Temple University Harrisburg at

What this training program covers: 

The following regulatory requirements are met by this training program, however additional training on the home/residence’s policies and procedures relating to these topics must continue to be done at the PCH/ALR. Additionally, training relating to the specific needs of the residents served in the home must continue to be done at the PCH/ALR:

Personal Care Homes

    • 55 Pa. Code § 2600.65(b)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2600.65(d)(2)(3) 

Assisted Living Residences

    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(b)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(e)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(g)(2)(3)

What this training program does NOT cover: 

This training program does NOT meet the below regulatory requirements. Training for the below topics must be done at the PCH/ALR:

Personal Care Homes

    • 55 Pa. Code § 2600.65(a)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2600.65(d)(1) 

Assisted Living Residences

    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(a)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(c)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(d)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.65(g)(1)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.236(a)
    • 55 Pa. Code § 2800.236(c)