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ODP Announcement 20-044: Supports Coordinator (SC) Check-in for Well-Being Tool 

Issued: April 13, 2020


Individuals and Families/Caregivers, Supports Coordination Organizations (ID/A, AAW, and ACAP), All Qualified Providers (ID/A, AAW, and ACAP), Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID), Administrative Entities and County Programs


The purpose of this communication is to announce the release of ODPs Supports Coordinator (SC) Check-in for Well-Being Tool to be used when conducting weekly check-in calls with individuals, caregivers, and/or staff during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In these trying times, it is important that we ensure individual’s health and safety needs are being met by staying connected and working to alleviate anxiety and stressors as this situation evolves. It is the expectation of ODP that all SCs conduct weekly check-ins to all individuals, especially those who live alone. The only exception is for individuals residing in public ICFs. The attached tool is intended to be a guide for the SCs to help facilitate the conversation and includes important areas to consider. The tool is being provided in a version that allows SCOs to add additional local resources to the resource sections throughout each section. As a reminder, this is a billable activity. 

ODP is aware that many SCOs across the state have already implemented weekly checkins and we truly appreciate this proactive effort. Please reach out to Jennifer Fraker (ID/A) or Stephanie Maldonado (AAW) for technical assistance if this is not current practice within your organization.

For questions, AAW and ACAP SCOs should email the Provider Support mailbox at ID/A SCOs should contact their ODP SCO regional lead. 

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