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ODP Announcement 20-072:
Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS)
At-a-glance Reopening Guide by Phase

Issued: June 10, 2020; Updated: July 7, 2020 


To provide guidance to stakeholders about Governor Wolf’s plan to Reopen Pennsylvania that includes service-specific guidance in the “Green Phase.” Additionally, this announcement provides an update to the field on guidance for mask usage, screening, and handwashing.


The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is releasing the “HCBS At-A-Glance Reopening Guide by Phase” to better assist stakeholders in tracking and referencing specific guidance related to ODP functions and services. 

The Reopening Guide provides a quick reference on related operational guidance and will inform providers, Supports Coordination Organizations (SCOs) and Administrative Entities (AE) planning across multiple counties. Pennsylvania’s response to COVID-19 remains fluid and the Reopening Guide will assist stakeholders as they respond to change. 

The Reopening Guide includes the link to the Governor’s Process for Reopening Pennsylvania, which details each of the three phases, including restrictions for both Work and Congregate Settings and Social Restrictions. For each Phase, the Guidelines include specific ODP Domains (ex. Regulation suspensions, Certified Investigations, HCBS), with Operational Implementation details for each domain.

The Reopening Guidelines will be updated and reissued to the field as new guidance becomes available from national and state leadership. 

Individuals who are COVID-19 positive or suspected positive should continue to selfisolate regardless of the color designation of the county where they reside. Individuals who are COVID-19 positive or suspected positive should not be engaging in community activities. 

During the yellow and green phases some face-to-face and community activities may resume as discussed in the Reopening Guidelines. For all services rendered, the guidance on mask usage, screening, and handwashing contained in the second attachment should be followed. 

It is highly encouraged that the Individual Support Plan (ISP) teams use the ODP Individual Transition Guide in conjunction with the probe guidance in the annotated ISP to assess risk associated with COVID-19 and determine for each individual who resides in a county which is in the yellow or green phase which services and/or community activities may be resumed or started and what supports the individual must receive in order to be able to safely resume activities or engage in new activities. In situations where the ISP team has not met, activities in the community and necessary supports for those activities should be established by the individual, family, and currently authorized service providers using the ODP Individual Transition Guide


Please contact your ODP Regional Office for any questions about this announcement.

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