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ODP Announcement 20-105: Operational Guide for Appendix K — Emergency Preparedness and Response for the Adult Autism Waiver

Updated: October 28, 2020


All Stakeholders of the Adult Autism Waiver (AAW).


To announce updated operational guidance to implement services through Appendix K flexibilities approved for the Adult Autism Waiver during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In response to Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) submitted three Appendix Ks to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) requesting temporary amendments to the approved 1915(c) waivers during this emergency:

      • The first Appendix K was approved by CMS on March 18, 2020.
      • The second Appendix K was approved by CMS on July 23, 2020.
      • The third Appendix K was approved by CMS on August 20, 2020.

ODP released the first Operational Guide on March 23, 2020 in ODP Announcement 20-027 to provide guidance regarding the first approved Appendix K. The Operational Guide has been updated in Version 2 to:

      • Add guidance regarding the flexibilities approved through the second and third Appendix K.
      • Incorporate guidance based on current orders and guidance issued by the Governor and the Secretary of Health.
      • Incorporate guidance based on stakeholder feedback and experiences regarding service provision during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The purpose of the Operational Guide is to provide guidance to Providers, Supports Coordination Organizations, and ODP to ensure adherence to the conditions of the emergency amendments approved in Appendix K and provide specific guidance on process, documentation, and health and safety measures.

The Operational Guide applies only to participants impacted by COVID-19 or who need services when hospitalized as outlined in the second approved Appendix K. Examples include participants impacted due to staffing shortages, a COVID-19 diagnosis for the participant or a participant’s housemate or caregiver, and closures of service locations (residential homes, Day Habilitation service locations, etc.). For any requirement not listed in the Operational Guide for Appendix K, refer to the current approved AAW.


Please direct any questions about this announcement to your respective regional office of the Bureau of Supports for Autism and Special Populations.

Obsolete Guidance

    • ODP Announcement 20-027 - Operational Guides for Appendix K: Emergency Preparedness and Response for the Person/Family Directed Support, Community Living, Consolidated Waivers and Adult Autism Waivers