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ODP Announcement 20-099: Clarification of Staff Reporting of COVID-19

Issued: August 21, 2020 


All Providers. 


To provide further instruction on the use of the Health Risk Screening (HRS) Web Portal in Staff Reporting cases of COVID-19 and provide a reminder that timely reporting is essential to ensure system responsiveness to COVID-19 outbreaks.


The Office of Developmental Programs issued ODPANN 20-061, Requesting Provider Information: New Process for Reporting COVID-19 for Provider Staff, on May 26, 2020. That communication described the process for reporting instances of COVID-19 among provider staff. It involved the implementation of a tool from HRS and outlined the process for reporting.

The Provider Staff COVID-19 Tracking Form functionality resides in PA ODP’s Health Risk Screening (HRS) database. ODP provided a User Guide to assist providers in correctly entering information into the tool. Providers who require technical assistance may contact HRS at

ODP is providing the following information based upon experience of those using the system to highlight and clarify key areas:

Timely reporting of suspected and positive COVID-19 cases is essential to ensure system response including deployment of necessary clinical consultation and other needed resources.

Providers should submit initial/updated reports of suspected and confirmed cases, receipt of information about test results, and return to work within 24 hours of discovery.

    • Suspected cases — A person has been tested for the COVID-19 virus and is awaiting test results or a test has been ordered by a healthcare practitioner, but the person has not been tested yet.
    • Confirmed cases — A person was tested for the COVID-19 virus and the test results were positive or the person was diagnosed by a health care practitioner even when no test was completed.

When should a report in the HRS system be created or updated?

​Report Needed?

Awaiting test results or a test has been ordered and a health care practitioner has instructed staff to isolate due to symptoms or suspected exposure.

​​Yes, report is required.

​Staff that have tested and received a positive result.

​​Yes, report is required.

​If a staff was reported and had a negative test, is retested and the results are positive for COVID-19.

​Yes, a new report must be entered.

​Testing of an asymptomatic* staff due to an exposure or potential exposure to a person who tested COVID-19 positive.

Yes, report is required.

​Report was filed prior to test results being available, test results were negative.

​Agency should update initial staff report of the suspected case and document the negative results.

​A negative test result after a repeat testing for a staff member who previously tested positive, such as testing done for return to work or for discontinuation of transmission-based precautions.

Agency should update initial staff report of the confirmed positive case with the following: Test result status, date test result was received, and the date staff returned to work/recovered.

​Agency is conducting universal testing.

​No, a report is not required (unless the test result is positive).

​When testing occurs, and the results are negative as a result of the following:

    • Routine practice or screening prior to receiving a medical procedure or care that is not the result of displaying COVID-19 symptoms
    • Other testing when the person is asymptomatic*

No, a report is not required.

The provider will need to note the ID number on the form and then finalize the form when the test results are obtained and with the date that the staff member returned to work.

* Asymptomatic is defined as the absence of symptoms related to COVID-19.

Helpful Tips When Reporting in the HRS System

Facilities should report at the service location.
CPS and Residential Providers should report at the service location.
All other Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) Providers should designate the administrative office as the service location.
* When the report involves residential or Communication Participation Support staff, that location should be selected for the report. The provider’s office/administrative location should be selected for other home and community services.
If service is provided in a private home, this option should be chosen, and the provider’s office/administrative location should be entered.

​If a record is created and entered with only provider identifying information and no other data is entered, that record will be deleted.

​As “new” providers are entered into the system, they will be asked to name a primary and secondary contact who will be given access to the complete tracking tool and ability to utilize available reporting features.

​ODP loaded provider information into the system and will be providing periodic updates to reflect changes. If a current provider adds a service or service location and that information is not in HRS, please notify HRS and copy the appropriate regional office with the address of the new location. Please only contact the Health Care Quality Unit if the issue relates to HRST access, not for COVID related staff reporting issues.

​Users may access reports on page 15 of the User Guide.

​To report access issues or to designate someone different to enter data, inquiries should be directed to