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ODP Announcement 20-062:
Administrative Entity (AE) Facility Based Community Participation Supports Readiness Tool for COVID-19


All stakeholders.


The purpose of this communication is to announce the release of The Office of Developmental Programs’ (ODP) Facility Based Community Participation Supports Readiness Tool for COVID-19. 


​As part of the mitigation strategy to stop the spread of COVID-19, the Office of Developmental Programs at the direction of the Governor closed licensed Adult Training Facilities, Older Adult Day Facilities, and Prevocational Facilities on March 17, 2020. In geographic areas deemed to be in the “Green Phase” under Governor Wolf’s Re-Opening Pennsylvania plan, facility-based Community Based Support (CPS) services are permitted to resume with appropriate precautions in place to ensure participant and staff safety. The attached readiness tool is intended to facilitate discussion and planning based on individuals’ safety and needs as related to each provider location and circumstance.

It is critical to recognize that, though it is permissible for facility-based CPS services to resume in green phase counties, individuals will re-engage in activities on timelines that meet each of their needs. ISP teams should use the Individual Transition Guide to assist with planning for re-engagement in services. Likewise, timelines for facilities to re-open will also vary depending on the extent of programmatic and facility modifications that are necessary to safely provide facility-based services to individuals. 

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