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Non-licensed Part-day School-aged Child Care (SACC) Providers


The Office of Child Development and Early Learning developed the map below to help families find non-licensed part-day school-aged child care (SACC) to navigate care-options during the 2020-21 school year. All Non-Licensed SACC programs must comply with the following minimum requirements: Compliance with Child Protective Services Laws and Mandated Reporting; COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan; Emergency Plan; communication regarding the level of non-instructional educational supports they can offer your child.  As a parent enrolling in a Non-Licensed SACC program we recommend you ask about these practices.

When possible,  we recommend enrolling your child in a licensed child care program. Licensed programs have routine oversight and must comply with state child care regulations. Find licensed child care in Pennsylvania at or contact your Early Learning Resource Center (ELRC) at

Non-Licensed Part-Day School Age Child Care Program or Learning Pod Notification of Operation

Below is a map of SACC locations available in Pennsylvania at this time. This map is updated as more location information becomes available. (Note: some web browsers may not support map view. Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari are recommended.)