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Co-Parenting Services

When parents decide staying together is not in their best interests, children often feel confused or abandoned as a result. It is difficult to comfort children in these situations, but parents who work together can directly improve their child(ren)'s well-being. Pennsylvania offers an array of services to enable effective co-parenting. Individual county or regional services may vary, but common services include mediation, counseling, and supervised visitation. These options ensure both parents may spend time with their child(ren) in a safe and secure environment. 

Statewide Resources

Certain services and resources are available statewide to all parents and caretakers. These include directories of local attorneys willing to provide services for free or at a discount, mediators who offer an alternative dispute resolution process, and independent sites and apps that enable you to work directly with the other parent or caretaker.

County Resources Map 

Other resources exist only at the county or regional level.  A county map is available for locating resources that may be available to you. 

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