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'I like the paycheck'​

To the students at Dallastown Intermediate School, Cindi is a familiar face. She arrives via public transport around 10 a.m. each school day to begin her cafeteria shift at Dallastown Intermediate School.

Through lunchtime, hundreds of cafeteria trays rapidly come down the line, waiting to be washed. Cindi maintains a cheerful disposition, which her coworkers and supervisor say is an asset. “Her laughter is contagious,” her coworker, Kevin, says. With her positive attitude, she keeps things moving through the industrial-sized dishwashing equipment. Cindi receives job support through Shadowfax Corporation, a nonprofit human services agency that supports individuals with disabilities.

"I like the people I work with," Cindi says. "They're nice." Doanique, the employment specialist who assisted Cindi in obtaining employment, says that Cindi is doing well and loves her job. "I like the paycheck," Cindi adds. She saved some of her earnings to pay for a recent trip to Nashville, TN.