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​Pharmacy and Therapeutics (P&T) Committee

The Department of Human Services (Department) appointed the P&T Committee to act in an advisory capacity to the Department and the Office of Medical Assistance Programs (OMAP) and provide an unbiased clinical perspective on the Department's Statewide Preferred Drug List (PDL). Recommendations from the committee must be reviewed and approved by the Secretary of the Department of Human Services.

Change Healthcare provides clinical and financial analysis support to the P&T Committee.

P&T Committee Meeting Information 

Upcoming Meetings



The drug classes for review will be posted prior to the meeting.

Past Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Meetings
Review the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee By-Laws

Committee Information

Composition and responsibilities of the committee:

    • Comprised of department medical directors, external physicians, pharmacists, consumer advocates, and specialists as needed for drug class reviews.
    • Recommend a clinically-based PDL with an emphasis on effectiveness, safety, and outcomes.
    • Recommend prior authorization guidelines for non-preferred drugs as well as certain preferred drugs using current community standards for prescribing.
    • Recommend Prospective and Retrospective Drug Utilization Review Program Review and Development.
Name Specialty  Independent*  Department**  MCO
Ivonne Acrich, MDAd Hoc Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist
​Dale Adair, MD, FAPA​Office of Mental Health & Substance Abuse Services Medical Director​X
Christopher Antypas, PharmDCommunity PharmacistX  
Lawrence Appel, MD, SFHMMedical Director, Office of Long Term Living
Cheston Berlin, Jr., MDPediatricianX
​Tony Byler, MD​PerformCare Psychiatrist​X

Terri Cathers, PharmD,
Chair (tie-breaker vote only)

OMAP Pharmacy Director
Sharon Connor, PharmDAcademic PharmacistX  
​Oluwatoyin Fadeyibi, PharmD, MPH​Community Behavioral Health Pharmacist​X
Andrea Fox, MDInternistX  
Donald Gerhart, RPhCommunity PharmacistX  
James Hancovsky, RPh, MBAUnited Health Care Pharmacy Director  X
David Haverstick, MDFamily PractitionerX  
Rosemary Keffer, MDAd Hoc Adult Psychiatrist X 
​David Kelley, MD​OMAP Chief Medical Officer, Office of Medical Assistance Programs​X
Peter Kreckel, RPhCommunity PharmacistX  
Renee Licwinko, RPhGateway Health Plan Pharmacist  X
​Hannah Livengood, PharmD​Health Partners of Philadelphia Pharmacist​X
Andrew Maiorini, PharmDKeystone/AmeriHealth Perform Rx Clinical Pharmacist  X
Meghan McNelly, PharmDPA Health & Wellness Pharmacist  X
Michele Musheno, RPh, MSAcademic/Hospital PharmacistX  
​Geoffrey Neimark, MD​Community Care Behavioral Health Psychiatrist​X
Natalie Nkurunziza, PharmDAetna Better Health Pharmacist  X
​Louis Parrott Jr., MD, PhD​Magellan Healthcare Psychiatrist​X
Ian Paul, MDPediatricianX  
Adam Raphael Rom, MDFamily PractitionerX  
Amy Saracino, MDAd Hoc Adult Psychiatrist X 
Kevin Szczecina, RPhGeisinger Health Plan Pharmacist  X
​Mahmood Usman, MD​Beacon Health Options Psychiatrist​X
Andreas Wali, MDCardiologistX  
Lloyd WertzConsumer/Family AdvocateX  
​Lauren Zandier, PharmD​UPMC For You Pharmacist​X
VacantConsumer RepresentativeX  

 * - Independent Members are not employed by the Department
** - Department Members are employed by the Department on a full or part-time basis

Effective October 22, 2020 / Last modified September 16, 2021