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​Personal Care Home Complaints

Are you concerned about quality of care in a Personal Care Home? 

Where to Get Help:

Talk directly to your Personal Care Home Licensing Administrator. He/she is responsible for the operation of the Personal Care Home (PCH). Each PCH is required to have a system in place to address your concern and develop a plan to listen to and investigate your concern and lead to a reasonable and acceptable solution.

The Department of Human Services is always here to assist you. Providing health and safety protections for personal care residents is our responsibility. During business hours, please contact your local regional office. Complaints may be lodged directly with the Personal Care Homes Regional Offices:

Complaints may be sent to the Department by telephone or fax Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. You may also send us your complaint by mail. See Regional Office contact information above.

If it is after business hours or on a weekend or holiday, and you believe it is an emergency situation, please call the Complaint Hotline 1-877-401-8835

Call your local Area Agency on Aging. The phone number is in the blue pages of the phone book. A trained professional will either help resolve the issue or contact the proper authority, if necessary.

The Department takes all complaints seriously. If you request, the Department will return your calls during normal business hours Monday through Friday. If the call is a life safety emergency, your call will be returned as soon as possible after it is received. An emergency call received by the Complaint Hotline 1-877-401-8835 will be returned as soon as possible after it is received. All other calls referred from the Hotline will be returned as soon as possible.

Complaint investigations take many avenues, including collateral contacts, interviews, phone calls, record review and on-site inspections. Complaints are assessed for the level of health and safety risk to the residents. The time frames for complaint investigations are assessed based on a review of not only the complaint allegations, but also the licensing history of the facility, previous complaint allegations and compliance history.