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​How to Choose an Intellectual
Disabilities/Autism Provider

Provider Profiles is designed to serve as a reference primarily for individuals and families so that they may choose intellectual disability/autism service providers based on information that is important to them.

The Services and Supports Directory is a tool for individuals with an intellectual disability/autism, their families, and circle of support to locate services and service providers in Pennsylvania. The directory can help you locate particular service providers or search for services and supports provided in an individual's community. Provider information in HCSIS includes:

    • Provider Demographics
        • Corporate Name, Address and Phone number
        • Contact person
        • Website address
        • The services available in your community (County) or nearby communities
        • Other Non-Licensed Facilities

    • Search the Provider Online Directory

While it does not include all providers of service because not all providers are required to hold a license, the Provider Licensing Directory is an easy access directory of licensed human services facilities operating in Pennsylvania. You can access information on providers from across the commonwealth. Begin by selecting the type of service you are seeking from a dropdown menu. Providers commonly working with Office of Developmental Programs are listed under the following fields:

    • Community Homes — (Group Homes with 8 people or fewer)
    • Large Community Homes Services — (Group Homes with 9 people or more)
    • Family Living — (Family Living/Lifesharing/Companion Living)
    • Intermediate Care Facility/Intellectual Disabilities (ICF/ID)
    • Vocational Facility (Workshops)
    • Day Training Services for Adults (Facility Based Adult Day Training)

Once you have selected the service type, the search can be narrowed by county, zip code, a specific place (facility name), and/or legal entity name (an agency name). When the criteria for the search are entered and you click "Go," a list of all facilities matching the criteria will appear. The information will include:

    • The name and address of the provider
    • The capacity (number of individuals who may live/ work at the facility)
    • The type of operation (profit, non-profit)
    • The status of the facility (licensed or unlicensed)
    • The status of the license (full or provisional). A provisional license means the facility was cited for a regulation violation(s) and is in the process of correcting the violation(s). If the violation is considered minor, the facility may have a full license with an approved plan of correction in place.

You may then use the list provided to contact service providers to find more information about the specific nature of available services. If you are having difficulty locating provider information, you can contact your local County Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities office for further information, or call the ODP HelpLine at 1-888-565-9435 (1-866-388-1114 for hearing impaired individuals) for assistance.

Supports Coordination is a critical service that involves the primary functions of locating, coordinating, and monitoring needed services and supports for individuals and their families.  Supports Coordinators can also assist individuals and families with selecting a provider.  For more information about the agencies providing Supports Coordination Services (SCO), please visit the SCO Directory on MyODP. (If you do not already have a MyODP account, you may login as a guest to access this content)

Recommended Questions for Families and Individuals Considering Providers

    • How can I arrange a visit?
    • How would you describe the philosophy and values of your agency?
    • May I talk to individuals and families who use your services?
    • May I talk with some of your staff?
    • May I have a copy of your annual report?
    • May I visit the places where you provide services?
    • For how long have you provided services and supports in this county and in other counties?
    • What are the qualifications of the staff that would be supporting me/my relative?
    • What training do you provide to staff who work directly with individuals? To supervisors?
    • How long do staff remain with your agency (by position, by site)?
    • What is the agency's management structure in my county, at particular sites (e.g. Is there an office nearby? Is the site managed from afar?)
    • How long has the CEO been with this agency? Can you tell me about him/her and his/her background?
    • How long have other management staff been with this agency?