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Youth Development Center /
Youth Forestry Camp System

Facilities Locations

BJJS Addresses

BJJS Central Headquarters
PO Box 2675
625 Forster Street, Room 126
Harrisburg, PA 17105 
YDC/YFC Program Addresses

​BJJS Youth Forestry Camp Locations

Loysville Youth Development Center
10 Opportunity Drive
Loysville, PA 17047-9754

North Central Secure Treatment Unit
36 Kirkbride Drive
Danville, PA 17821-8608

​North East Secure Treatment Unit
701 Sathers Drive
Pittston, PA  18640
South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit
10056 South Mountain Road
Box 374
South Mountain, PA 17261-0374

Youth Forestry Camp #3
4534 TarKiln Road
James Creek, PA 16657

Western Secure Treatment Unit
12 Dakota Drive
Emlenton, PA 16373

YDC/YFC Central Region Programs​

Youth Forestry Camp #3 (YFC 3)
50-bed open residential facility located on the grounds of Trough Creek State Park in Huntingdon County.


First Step: 12-week program for delinquent youth with substance use disorders.
B-Dorm: 2- to 6-month program addresses criminogenic needs with a focus on career, academic, technical training.

Primary Services:

  • Hazelden's," A New Direction", AND
  • Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT): An evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy based on the premise that people are disturbed cognitively, emotionally, and behaviorally.

Loysville Youth Development Center (LYDC)

54-bed secure residential facility located in Perry County.


Allegheny: Specialized services for youthful offenders ages 12 – 15
East Penn: Addresses aggression and pro-criminal attitudes
Juniata: Serves youth with deeply ingrained delinquent values, offers academic remediation and a short term track.
STAR: Specialized services for youth identified with significant mental health needs.
Williams: Specialized services for youth identified with intellectual and development disabilities
ZB: Specialized services for youth identified with substance use disorders.

Primary Services:

  • Hazelden's, "A New Direction", AND
  • Rational Living Therapy: a systematic approach to CBT
  • Victim Awareness Course (VAC): Based upon BARJ concepts, participants explore the psychological, social, financial and physical problems faced by victims of crime and how criminal behavior impacts victims, the community and all of society.
  • Crossroads
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Casey Life Skills 

Loysville Secure Treatment Unit (LSTU)

Offers increased security as a 20 bed secure (fenced) residential building located on the secure grounds of LYDC (fence within a fence).


Serves a diverse population of more aggressive youth, typically with antisocial values who are in need of an increased level of security.

Primary Services:

  • Thinking for a Change
  • Hazelden's, "A New Direction", AND
  • Victim Awareness Course (VAC)
  • Casey Life Skills

South Mountain Secure Treatment Unit (SMSTU)

36-bed secure facility located on the grounds of the South Mountain Restoration Center in Franklin County designed for serious and habitual offenders.

Sex Offender Program: Specialized services for youth adjudicated delinquent for sexual behavior problems.

Secure Program: Serves the diverse needs of habitual and serious offenders.

Primary Services:

  • ART
  • Hazelden's, "A New Direction", AND
  • Victim Awareness Course (VAC)
  • Casey Life Skills
  • Sexual Offending Relapse Prevention

​Western Secure Treatment Unit (WSTU)

60-bed campus outside Emlenton with school, gym, vocational workshops, and other amenities for normalized programming.  Western Secure Treatment Unit (WSTU) is a secure residential treatment facility for at-risk male youth, operated by Rite of Passage, Inc. (ROP) in partnership with the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services. 


General: Provides treatment and rehabilitation services in a structured setting that promotes positive youth development while ensuring public safety.  

Special Needs Unit: Accommodates up to 12 youth and is designed to meet the intensity of care necessary for highly acute youth wo present with severe mental health symptomology or dysregulation.

Primary Services:

  • Aggression Replacement Training
  • Impact of Crime on Victims
  • Positive Skill Development Groups
  • Restorative Solutions/Victim Empathy
  • Seeking Safety
  • Thinking for a Change
  • Criminal Conduct and Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescents: Pathways to Self-Discovery and Change

YDC/YFC Eastern Region Programs​

North Central Secure Treatment Unit (NCSTU)

112-bed secure residential facility located on the grounds of the Danville State Hospital in Montour County

Programs for adjudicated males:

HOPE: Specialized services for youth with substance use disorders
RISE: Provides highly structured strength-based therapeutic community.
FOCUS: Specialized services for youth identified with intellectual and development disabilities and/or mental health needs
POWER: Serves youth with a history of aggressive behaviors.

Program for adjudicated females: 
Girls' Program: A certified Sanctuary Model Program provides gender-responsive services addressing criminogenic needs and targeted interventions for trauma, loss, and mental health disorders.

Primary Services:

  • Hazelden's, "A New Direction", AND
  • Victim Awareness Course (VAC)
  • Thinking for a Change
  • PTND
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy, (DBT)
  • Courage to Change
  • Forward Thinking
  • Choice Theory
  • Trauma-Informed Care
  • Casey Life Skills


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