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Home and Community-Based Services
Statewide Transition Plan

The Department of Human Services (Department) submitted Pennsylvania’s Final Statewide Transition Plan for Home and Community-Based Services to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on October 31, 2022. The Final Statewide Transition Plan submitted contains a summary of comments received and responses from the Department, including whether revisions were made to the Final Statewide Transition Plan based on comments received.

HCBS Settings Rule - Background

CMS published the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Rule to ensure all individuals receiving services and supports through Medicaid waivers have full access to the benefits of community living, including receiving services in the most integrated setting. 

Statewide Transition Plan

To receive final approval of Pennsylvania’s Statewide Transition Plan, the Department is required to complete the following remaining steps and submit an updated plan with this information included:

An assessment of all services, including an assessment of each provider owned or operated setting where services are rendered;

  • How issues found during the assessment will be resolved by March 2023;
  • The plan for identifying and evaluating settings presumed to have institutional characteristics (Heightened Scrutiny);
  • A process for communicating with people receiving services that will not meet requirements; and
  • A process for ongoing monitoring and quality assurance.

Pennsylvania’s HCBS CMS Final Rule Statewide Transition Plan (PDF)

Appendix A – Overview of Pennsylvania Waivers (PDF)
Appendix B – Major Service Categories and Settings (PDF)
Appendix C – ODP Communications Regarding Self-Assessments (PDF)
Appendix D – OLTL HCBS Final Rule Site Assessment Tool (PDF)
Appendix E – Summary of Public Comments and Department Responses

Overview video of the HCBS Rule & PA's Final STP

A presentation providing a general overview of the HCBS Rule and Pennsylvania’s Final STP is provided to prepare stakeholders for public comment.


HCBS Heightened Scrutiny Settings Submitted to CMS

Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) Service Locations for Heightened Scrutiny

Office of Long-Term Living (OLTL) Sites for Heightened Scrutiny


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