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RISE PA Update – May 11, 2021
Your work on the RISE PA resource and referral tool is greatly appreciated. We could not have gotten this far without your input, expertise, time, and dedication to serving your clients. Thank you.

However, after discussion and analysis, the department made the difficult decision to cancel, pause, and reassess the emergency procurement for the RISE PA tool in its current form. 

The decision was based on multiple factors, but the goal of the cancellation is to ensure that RISE PA has a sustainable path forward. Under an emergency procurement, the scope and length of the program would require modifications that impair our service delivery model and the extensive work done to date. Our motivations behind this decision are sustaining the tool and its intention to serve our clients and achieving our goal of improving coordination and quality of care over the long term for the people we serve.

If RISE PA is to be a sustainable, successful tool to help Pennsylvanians, providers, partners and stakeholders, it is necessary to take this pause for a thorough review and determination of the right path forward.

Again, thank you for your work, your partnership, and your patience.

Resources Information and Services Enterprise

RISE PA is a collaborative effort between multiple state agencies, counties, and local non-profits and community organizations, health care, and social services providers. This interactive online platform that will serve as a care coordination system for providers including, health care and social services organizations and a closed-loop referral system that will report on the outcomes of the referrals. It will also serve as an access point to search and obtain meaningful information to help Pennsylvanians find and access the services they need to achieve overall well-being and improve health outcomes. 

Once implemented, anyone in Pennsylvania will be able to access this tool from their personal computers, tablets, and mobile devices to find information about services and resources, and self-refer to participating agencies. RISE PA will also allow service providers to assess an individual’s needs during a physician’s office or emergency department visit, when receiving case management services, or seeking assistance from a community-based organization, among others. The tool will also gather data that can help the commonwealth and its partners better understand the needs of Pennsylvanians and identify service gaps across the state. By looking at critical social determinants of health, including employment, child care, transportation, food security, access to health care, and housing stability, commonwealth agencies and partners at the county and local level can help the people we serve achieve better long-term health outcomes and maximize the impact of health care dollars. 

Individuals, service providers, government agencies, caregivers, educational institutions, faith-based groups, and advocates will be able to use this tool to help navigate the system of resources, and work together to reduce duplication of services as well as the time it takes for individuals to receive much-needed services.


RISE PA webinar slide deck .pdf