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Videos & Webinars

Understanding what the end of Continuous Coverage means and how it'll affect Pennsylvanians can be complicated. 

Below you'll find webinar recordings and other videos by DHS to help explain what is going to happens, what needs to be done, and how we all can help keep Pennsylvanians covered when continuous coverage ends.​ 

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Overview on End of Continuous Coverage & Impact on Medicaid and CHIP Renewals

Recorded: March 2023
Intended Audience: General Public
This webinar is an overview video that outlines the recent history of the continuous coverage requirement, what it means now that it has ended, and how its ending affects Medicaid and CHIP recipients.


DHS & Pennie - Medicaid Continuous Coverage Unwinding

Recorded: 02/10/2023
Intended Audience: Legislative Staff
This webinar focused on help legislative staff prepare to answer constituent questionson the renewal process for Medicaid and CHIP following the end of the continuous coverage requirement.


Continuous Coverage Unwinding Webinar for Health Plans

Recorded: 02/08/2023
Intended Audience: Health Plans
A webinar that focuses on the impact of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2023 on MA and CHIP continuous coverage requirements.


COMPASS Community Partner Technical Assistance Call

Recorded: 01/24/2023
Download 01/24/2023 Webinar Q & A's (PDF)
Intended Audience: COMPASS Community Partners
Are you a DHS Helper that is new to being a COMPASS Community Partner? Are you interested in learning how COMPASS Community Partners can assist with renewals? Do you have unanswered questions about the Community Partner Portal or how to assist individuals as a Community Partner?


Long-Term Care Renewals Refresher Training and Assistance

Recorded: 10/24/2022
Intended Audience: Long Term Care Community
Download 10/24/2022 Webinar Q & A's (PDF)

This webinar focused specifically on renewal processing for facility and community based long-term care recipients.


Medical Assistance Renewals Refresher Training and Assistance

Recorded: 10/17/2022
Intended Audience: Helpers
Download 10/17/2022 Webinar Q & A's (PDF)

This webinar focuses on the general process for Medical Assistance renewals. DHS representatives makes sure that you are prepared to assist the individuals you work with to complete their renewal when it is due, now and after the PHE ends.

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