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Communications & Outreach Toolkit

DHS and Pennie® have developed a communications toolkit to assist with outreach to Pennsylvanians leading up to their Medicaid or CHIP renewal and through the unwinding of continuous coverage period. Resources available will help you:

  • Understand what the end of the continuous coverage requirement means for Pennsylvanians covered through Medicaid/MA and CHIP;
  • Encourage Medicaid/MA and CHIP recipients to keep their contact information up-to-date and to sign up for text and email alerts so they receive updates on their renewal as quickly as possible;
  • Educate Medicaid/MA and CHIP recipients on how they can complete their renewal early online or via phone, via mail when their packet arrives, and how they can get help at a County Assistance Office; and,
  • Spread the word on coverage options available through Pennie® and CHIP so people who are no longer eligible for Medicaid can quickly connect to other affordable options and stay covered.

Our goal is to keep Pennsylvanians connected to life-sustaining health coverage no matter where it comes from. Partnership and support across government and service sectors will be integral to helping people stay covered. Please use these resources to spread the word and educate the people you work with and serve. Renewal dates will come at a different time for all cases, so please use these resources however and whenever you can over the next year.

These resources can be used at any time, but we encourage you to share the following pieces from the General Information section of the toolkit now to help people prepare:

  • Print — Medicaid & CHIP renewal flyers>
  • Print — Renewals are coming
  • Social media — Renewals are coming
  • Newsletter — Renewals are coming (text)>
  • Newsletter — Update Information (text)

New and updated material will be added as they are developed, and if you need additional resources, please contact, and we will try to accommodate your request. 

Please check back often — Thank you for your help in keeping Pennsylvanians covered!

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1. General Information

These resources help explain the need to complete Medicaid/MA and CHIP renewals on time. While we want to avoid use of overly technical and unfamiliar terms related to the continuous coverage requirement and the unwinding, these resources can help educate on why it is so important to be on the watch for renewal information and to complete renewals on time.

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2. Update Contact Information

These resources can be used to remind people to make updates to their file if they have moved or their contact information has changed in any way. By keeping their contact information as up-to-date as possible and signing up for text message and email alerts, Medicaid and CHIP recipients can get updates about their case and benefits as quickly as possible. This includes making sure their renewal information is sent to the correct home address.

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3. Complete Your Renewal Early

These communications are for Medicaid recipients whose renewal is due within the next 60 days. When they are within 60 days of their renewal date, they can complete the renewal early online or by phone. The purpose is to encourage individuals to submit their renewal as soon as possible to avoid any disruptions in coverage. 

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4. Your Renewal is Due

These communications are for Medicaid recipients whose renewal is due within the next month. Approximately 30-45 days before their renewal date, they will receive their renewal packet in the mail. This must be completed and returned as soon as possible or they can complete their renewal online via COMPASS or over the phone. Use this content to help people watch for and complete their packet on time.

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5. If You Aren't Eligible for Medicaid

These communications are to help people who may no longer be eligible for Medicaid understand the options available for coverage through Pennie® and CHIP. Use this content to help people know that options are available to help them stay covered. 

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