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HealthChoices is the name of Pennsylvania's managed care programs for Medical Assistance recipients. Through managed care organizations, eligible individuals receive quality physical and behavioral medical care, as well as long-term supports. To learn more about available services, find information for participants and providers in the sections below:

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Physical HealthChoices Plan Selection​

Pennsylvania’s Department of Human Services (DHS) is changing which Physical Health Managed Care Organizations (PH Plans) are available for Medical Assistance (MA) consumers. This is an opportunity for DHS to be sure that the program and our partners are continuing to strive towards improved access to care and superior quality of care and support provided by the PH Plans to MA consumers.

Learn more about HealthChoices Plan Selections

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​Behavioral HealthChoices

Connecting people who receive Medicaid benefits with mental health and drug/alcohol services.

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Community HealthChoices is available across Pennsylvania

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​Community HealthChoices

Serving more people in communities rather than in facilities by providing necessary supports.

CHC for Participants

CHC for Providers

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A woman takes a patient's blood pressure as part of Physical Health Choices

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​Physical HealthChoices

Providing timely access
to quality medical care through Pennsylvania's Medicaid program.

PH for Participants

PH for Providers