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Social Work Spotlight: Jennifer Baumgardner

March 28, 2023 01:10 PM

​How does being a social worker influence your current work?

Through my work I review policies and procedures and assess the quality of services being provided. I will often take a look at the bigger picture of the processes to determine what I can do to  help make the processes easier for the members we serve.

What do you want the public to know about social work and DHS?

DHS is a resource for the members we serve and the subcontractors we work with to ensure quality services are being provided.  If there is a concern, quality management staff at DHS is available to assist the member and/or the subcontractor to work through the issue, so then quality services are delivered to the members we serve.

How are you advocating for social workers and/or their "clients"?

I believe I am able to advocate for social workers by monitoring the policies, procedures, and tools used by our subcontractors.  Through this review we are able to evaluate the process to determine if it is user friendly and if it allows the staff working with member to provide needed quality services in a timely manner.

What impact do social workers have in the community and in individuals' lives?

I believe social workers are able to provide the greatest impact by being a positive support and navigator, so individuals can access the services they need.

What motivates you to do the work you do?

My motivation is to continue to monitor for quality of services and find opportunities of improvement to address the current needs of the members we serve.

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