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Due to COVID-19, the ECM project has been delayed, but the DHS is actively working to develop a new timeline and will provide information to the counties when it becomes available. Decisions need to be made about the order of subsystems within a phase and the roll-out strategy for each subsystem.

The ECM implementation timeline spans multiple years and is comprised of three phases. The following describes, at a high level, the anticipated phases and timing of each:

  • Phase 0: 
    • ECM Pegasystems Platform Established 2022 (upon which subsystems will be implemented)
  • Phase 1 Beginning Fall 2023:
    • Hearings & Appeals Targeted Implementation Date of Summer 2024
    • Home and Community Based Services (HCBSS) Target Implementation Date of December 2025 
    • OLTL Enrolment July 2026
  • Phase 2: 
    • Child Welfare Case Management (CW CM) Targeted Implementation Date of Spring 2025 

Implementation is referring to, ECM being ready and available for users and stakeholders to begin accessing and entering information into.