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CHIP Success Stories​

When surveyed, most CHIP parents see positive health results.

    • Overall, 9 out of 10 parents report satisfaction with their child's CHIP health plan
    • More than 9 out of 10 CHIP parents report they were able to access urgent care services for their child as soon as necessary, and were able to obtain an appointment for their sick child within 24 hours
    • 93 percent said they're pleased with the helpfulness of CHIP staff
    • 96 percent of parents report their child's doctor treats them with respect
    • 99 percent of parents report their child saw the dentist in the last six months

Real families share their experiences


"CHIP has been very helpful for our son, Jonathan, who is 11 years old and in sixth grade. Both my wife and I work full-time. However, we do not make enough to cover medical, dental, or other care for ourselves and for Jonathan. The program has assisted greatly in keeping Jonathan up-to-date on exams and follow-ups. CHIP has been a blessing, especially to those of us who fall in a category that is 'more than too little' and 'less than enough.' " — Philip Curcio

The CHIP program has been a godsend. 
I continue to be very satisfied with the benefits. I feel that my children are in capable hands with the doctors and the services with this plan. Thank you very much for CHIP! My children were in need of routine, preventive medical care and CHIP has provided those benefits. Although the children have had no serious health problems, we are at ease because we now have the ability to get quality health care through our local PCP here in Washington.

“My daughter has had excellent health coverage through CHIP since she was born in 2008. Her father is not allowed to put family members on his insurance and it's too expensive for him to use. I work for start-ups and as an independent contractor most of the time, so I don't have insurance that I can put her on. CHIP coverage has been crucial for us.

My daughter has broken the growth plate in her thumb and sprained her ankle, and all the doctor visits and physical therapy were covered by CHIP. Some years we have premiums and some years we don't, but all of it has helped us get her the care that she needs.

We are so grateful for CHIP coverage and would not have been able to receive the quality care we needed if it were not for CHIP. Please do NOT do away with CHIP coverage.” — Charissa West

"There is nothing more important to my husband and I than the health of our four children. CHIP's comprehensive health care gives me peace of mind to know that I can take my children to an emergency room and we are protected." — Mother from Upper Darby, Delaware County.

"My family depends on CHIP. My husband is a foreman at a construction company, and they don't offer medical. I am a stay-at-home parent, and while the benefits to that are immense for sure, they do not extend to medical coverage. We do OK for ourselves. We're able to pay our bills on time, keep food on the table, and aren't on any assistance. We may not have as much as some, but we have enough.

We rely on CHIP to help keep our two children healthy through regular doctor and dental checkups. Without it, it would cause an immense financial burden for our family. It would mean my husband and I foregoing our own coverage for the sake of our children." — Tara Brown

The CHIP program is wonderful! My husband and I had twin sons born 10 weeks too early. They have had several complications due to prematurity. We have been able to have them cared for medically to a perfect "T." At first I wasn't sure that we would fit the CHIP criteria. We did, and then after a few years we needed to be on the subsidized CHIP list. When we had our third son, without even asking, the people doing our paperwork told us that we were eligible for the free CHIP program again. All of the people involved with this program — from the bookwork specialist all the way to the Doctors and Pharmacies — have treated us wonderfully. — An Allegheny County CHIP Mother

Most of our use of the medical benefits has been for preventive care, annual physicals, and immunizations. However, my oldest son needed very delicate surgery on his pituitary gland for a cyst. He had an excellent surgeon and he recovered quickly; he was hospitalized for a week in the hospital. My youngest daughter was in the ICU recently for a severe asthma attack. She is doing well, but that is due to the high quality medical treatment she received due to CHIP. My wife and I are very grateful that CHIP is available for our children.

Because our kids are able to be enrolled in CHIP, I have been able to provide for my family. There is not a product out there that is as good as CHIP, low-cost CHIP. Nothing.

The CHIP program has been great. We know that this is quality insurance and we are finally able to sleep at night, knowing that our kids can be seen by excellent pediatricians. I do not know what we would have done without CHIP. Now my children can play sports and go away to camp, like other kids and if they get hurt, CHIP is there for them.

I didn't plan on raising another family again at 64, but I am and I love every minute of it. I am raising two grandkids whose parents died tragically two years ago. I struggled to pay for their doctor bills on a fixed income until I found out about CHIP. I do not know how I would have managed without CHIP.

I still sit in disbelief at the kitchen table wondering how lucky they are to have great health care for free. My grandson is no longer afraid to smile because he was finally able to see a dentist and get the work done that he needed. I know now that I am doing the best I can for them through CHIP. Thanks, CHIP!