Remittance Advice Alerts/PROMISe Banner Pages
Banner Date: January 18, 2019 through July 2, 2019
Cycles: 30 through 52
Provider Types: All
Subject: Service Location Enrollment Deadline
Subject: Service Location Enrollment Deadline

Medical Assistance (MA) providers must enroll each service location where they provide services to MA beneficiaries. Claims for services rendered beginning July 1, 2019 provided at un-enrolled addresses will be denied. MA providers billing PROMISe are currently receiving a pay and list edit “Error Status Code 1264 - ZIP (5 DIGIT) DOES NOT MATCH FOR RENDERING NPI” on claims submitted for service locations not enrolled. Providers who are receiving this edit on their claims need to enroll additional service locations and should visit the following website to enroll electronically:
To read the full bulletin “Service Location Enrollment Deadline” go to:
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