2019 Reports


RegionCountyGenderAgeDate of 
Fatality/ Near
District Attorney
Report Link 
 Southeast Philadelphia Male <1 Day 01/01/19 Fatality  
 Central Dauphin Male 7 Years 01/06/19 Fatality  
 Southeast Berks Female 6 Months 01/08/19 Near Fatality  
 Central Lancaster Male 11 Years 01/10/19 Fatality  
 Western Clearfield Female 2 Years 01/10/19 Near Fatality  
 Western Venango Male 15 Years 01/14/19 Fatality  
 Central Lancaster Unknown <1 Day 01/14/19 Near Fatality  
 Western Mercer Male 2 Years 01/17/19 Near Fatality  
 Western Erie Male 5 Months 01/19/19 Near Fatality  
 Western Erie Male 2 Months 01/23/19 Near Fatality  
 Northeast Lehigh Female 2 Years 01/24/19 Near Fatality  





* Reports are decertified when the certifying physician confirms the report was made in error, and either a child was not in serious or critical condition or an abusive act was not suspected in causing the child’s condition. Decertified near fatalities will not have final redacted reports posted in accordance with § 6365 as these reports are considered confidential pursuant to § 6339 of the Child Protective Services Law.