2018 Reports


RegionCountyGenderAgeDate of 
Fatality/ Near
District Attorney
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 Western Beaver Female 18 months 1/5/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_010518_W
 Western Venango Male 2 years 1/7/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_010718_W
 Central Lancaster Female 14 years 1/8/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_010818_C
 Central York Male 10 months 1/9/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 SoutheastPhiladelphia Female 2 months 1/11/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_011118_SE
 Central Franklin Female 3 years 1/12/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Western Armstrong Female 23 months 1/13/2018 Fatality No Gallippi_Death_011318_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 months 1/15/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_011518_SE
 Northeast Lehigh Female 15 years 1/17/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_011718_NE
 Western Allegheny Male 3 months 1/17/2018 Near Fatality  *Decertified
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 9 years 1/19/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_011918_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 7 months 1/21/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_012118_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 5 years 1/22/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_012218_SE
 Central York Male 3 months 1/23/2018 Fatality Lifted Harvey_Death_012318_C
 Southeast Montgomery Male 4 years 1/23/2018 Fatality Lifted Smith_Death_012318_SE
 Southeast Berks  Male  8 months  1/24/2018  Near Fatality  Yes 
 Western Allegheny  Female  1 month  1/27/2018  Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_012718_W
 Northeast Northampton  Female  11 years  1/27/2018  Near Fatality  No NearDeath_012718_NE
 Western Mercer Male 15 years 1/28/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_012818_W
 Western Lawrence Female 5 months 1/28/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_012818_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Female <1 day 1/29/2018 Fatality No Welsh_Death_012918_SE
 Western Clearfield Female 4 months 1/31/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_013118_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 years 1/31/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_013118_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 days 2/3/2018 Fatality No Reinert_Death_020318_SE
 Western Allegheny Male 3 weeks 2/6/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_020618_W
 Western Allegheny Male 2 years 2/6/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Central Lancaster Female 15 months 2/10/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021018_C
 Southeast Chester Female 5 months 2/10/2018 Fatality Yes  
 Western Crawford Female 17 years 2/12/2018 Fatality No Ford_Death_021218_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 2 years 2/13/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_021318_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 4 years 2/14/2018 Fatality No Mapp_Death_021418_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 3 months 2/20/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_022018_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 3 years 2/22/2018 Fatality No Randolph-Turner_Death_022218_SE
 Northeast Lehigh Female 14 months 2/23/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_022318_NE
 Western Clarion Male 4 months 2/23/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_022318_W
 Northeast Monroe  Female  15 years  2/27/2018  Near Fatality  No NearDeath_022718_NE
 Central Dauphin  Female  10 months  3/1/2018  Fatality  Yes 
 Northeast Northampton  Female  2 months  3/4/2018  Near Fatality  No NearDeath_030418_NE
 Central Lancaster  Male  9 months  3/7/2018  Fatality  Yes 
 Northeast Lehigh  Female  8 months  3/9/2018  Near Fatality  No NearDeath_030918_NE
 Central Mifflin  Female  7 months  3/9/2018  Fatality  No McMillion_Death_030918_C
 Southeast Philadelphia  Male  12 months  3/10/2018  Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_031018_SE
 Central Cumberland  Female  18 months  3/11/2018  Fatality  No Hench Death_031118_C
 Southeast Philadelphia  Female  4 months  3/12/2018  Fatality  No Devoe-Davis_Death_031218_SE
 Western Allegheny Female  16 years  3/12/2018  Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_031218_W
 Central York Female  4 months  3/13/2018  Near Fatality  Lifted Schwinn_Death_031318_C
 Northeast Northampton  Female  7 months  3/18/2018  Near Fatality  No NearDeath_031818_NE
 Northeast Luzerne  Male  23 months  3/18/2018  Near Fatality  Yes 
 Southeast  Philadelphia  Female  11 months  3/19/2018  Near Fatality  No NearDeath_031918_SE
 Southeast  Berks  Female  6 months  3/20/2018  Fatality  Yes 
 Central  Blair  Male  2 years   3/23/2018  Near Fatality  Yes 
 Southeast  Bucks  Female  7 years  3/24/2018  Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_032418_SE
 Northeast Northampton Male 2 years 3/25/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_032518_NE
 Southeast Bucks Female 14 years 3/31/2018 Fatality Lifted Bartle_Death_033118_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 8 years 3/31/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_033118_SE
 Southeast Bucks Female 10 months 3/31/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_033118_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 9 months 4/2/2018 Near Fatality  *Decertified
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 19 months 4/3/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_040318_SE
 Western Allegheny Female 17 months 4/5/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 2 months 4/8/2018 Fatality No Gibson_Death_040818_SE
 Northeast Lehigh Male 9 years 4/9/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_040918_NE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 3 months


 Near Fatality No NearDeath_040918_SE
 Western Allegheny Female 15 Years


 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_041118_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 4 months


 Near Fatality No NearDeath_041218_SE
 Western Mercer Male 2 years


 Near Fatality No NearDeath_041218_W
 Western Erie Female 1 week


 Near Fatality No NearDeath_041218_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 12 years


 Near Fatality  *Decertified
 Southeast Delaware Male 3 months


 Near Fatality No NearDeath_041418_SE
 Southeast Delaware Female 10 months


 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Bucks Male 20 months


 Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Schuylkill Male 5 months


 Fatality Yes  
 Northeast Tioga Male 4 months


 Fatality No Fadness_Death_042718_NE
 Western Allegheny Female 10 months


 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_042718_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 4 months


 Near Fatality No NearDeath_043018_SE
 Western Allegheny Female 23 months


 Fatality Lifted Horvath_Death_050118_W
 Central Lancaster Male 2 months


 Fatality No Lane_Death_050218_C
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 2 years 5/4/2018 Fatality No Taylor_Death_050418_SE
 Central Adams Male 3 weeks 5/8/2018 Fatality No Wise_Death_050818_C
 Central Lycoming Male 2 years 5/9/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Somerset Male 1 week 5/11/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_051118_C
 Western Venango Male 3 years 5/12/2018 Near Fatality  *Decertified
 Western Allegheny Male 4 years 5/12/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_051218_W
 Central York Male 6 years 5/15/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Central Lancaster Male 10 months 5/17/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_051718_C
 Northeast Lackawanna Female 6 years 5/18/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_051818_NE
 Central Blair Female 16 months 5/20/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Western Erie Female 3 days 5/20/2018 Fatality No Poole_Death_052018_W
 Western Allegheny Male 5 years 5/21/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_052118_W
 Central Lancaster Male 8 months 5/24/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052418_C
 Central Juniata Male 17 years 5/25/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_052518_C
 Western Fayette Male 23 months 5/31/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_053118_W
 Western Allegheny Male 3 years 5/31/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_053118_W
 Central Lancaster Male 4 years 5/31/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Western Greene Male 2 years 5/31/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_053118_W
 Central Northumberland Female 22 months 6/1/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Lancaster Male 20 months 6/1/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Dauphin Female 2 months 6/2/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Western Allegheny Male 2 years 6/2/2018 Fatality Lifted Williams_Death_060218_W
 Southeast Delaware Female 18 months 6/3/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_060318_SE
 Central Lancaster Female 2 years 6/4/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Western Erie Female 7 months 6/6/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_060618_W
 Western Allegheny Male 12 years 6/6/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Lancaster Female 3 years 6/7/2018 Fatality Lifted Glick_Death_060718_C
 Northeast Schuylkill Female 3 weeks 6/7/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 14 months 6/7/2018 Near Fatality  *Decertified
 Western Elk Female 4 months 6/8/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_060818_W
 Central Somerset Male 3 months 6/13/2018 Fatality No McIntyre_Death_061318_C
 Western Allegheny Female 1 month 6/14/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Northampton Male 2 years 6/14/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_061418_NE
 Southeast Chester Female 3 months 6/15/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Central Blair Male 2 months 6/19/2018 Near Fatality Yes  
 Southeast Bucks Male 2 months 6/20/2018 Fatality Lifted Jones_Death_062018_SE
 Central York Male 3 months 6/21/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_062118_C
 Central Lancaster Male 13 months 6/22/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
 Northeast Carbon Female 4 years 6/24/2014 Near Fatality Yes 
 Western Jefferson Male 1 month 6/24/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_062418_W
 Western Venango Male 2 months 6/25/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_062518_W
 Western Beaver Male 8 years 6/26/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_062618_W
 Western Allegheny Male 21 months 6/27/2018 Fatality No Muktar_Death_062718_W
 Southeast Montgomery Female 2 months 6/28/2018 Fatality Lifted Cowley_Death_062818_SE
 Northeast Schuylkill Male 3 months 6/30/2018 Fatality Yes 
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 13 months 7/2/2018 Fatality No Reavis-Witherspoon_Death_070218_SE
 Western Allegheny Male 6 months 7/3/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_070318_W
 Southeast Chester Male 12 months 7/3/2018 Fatality No King_Death_070318_SE
 Western Allegheny Male 2 weeks 7/6/2018 Fatality No Ferguson_Death_070618_W
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 3 years 7/7/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_070718_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Female 2 months 7/8/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_070818_SE
 Southeast Philadelphia Male 23 months 7/8/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_070818_SE
 Northeast Monroe Male 2 years 7/9/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_070918_SE
 Northeast Monroe Male 19 months 7/9/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_070918_SE
WesternVenangoFemale4 months7/11/2018Fatality No Kahle_Death_071118_W
WesternCrawfordMale1 month7/11/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_071118_W
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale6 years7/13/2018Fatality No  Register_Death_071318_SE
SoutheastDelawareFemale7 months7/13/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_071318_SE
NortheastLehighFemale8 months7/15/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_071518_NE
NortheastLackawannaFemale7 years7/16/2018Fatality No Phillips_Death_071618_NE
CentralLancasterFemale5 months7/17/2018Fatality Lifted Mulero_Death_071718_C
CentralDauphinMale4 months7/17/2018Fatality Yes 
WesternFayetteMale2 years7/24/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_072418_W
WesternWestmorelandMale15 years7/25/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_072518_W
WesternAlleghenyFemale16 months7/28/2018Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_072818_W
CentralYorkMale4 months7/30/2018Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_073018_C
NortheastLackawannaFemale8 months7/30/2018Fatality No Spindler_Death_073018_NE
WesternAlleghenyMale21 months7/31/2018Fatality No Williams-Powell_Death_073118_W
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale3 months8/2/2018Fatality No Cornish_Death_080218_SE
WesternWestmorlandFemale15 years8/2/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_080218_W
WesternMercerMale5 months8/3/2018Fatality No Montgomery_Death_080318_W
CentralClintonMale7 months8/6/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_080618_C
WesternAlleghenyFemale15 years8/7/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_080718_W
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale7 years8/7/2018Fatality No Mancuso_Death_080718_SE
NortheastNorthamptonFemale4 months8/7/2018Fatality No Clark_Death_080718_NE
WesternButlerFemale9 months8/10/2018Near Fatality Yes 
NortheastLackawannaFemale20 months8/12/2018Fatality No Heaton_Death_081218_NE
WesternArmstrongFemale3 months8/14/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_081418_W
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale4 months8/15/2018Fatality No Lane_Death_081518_SE
WesternAlleghenyMale3 months8/16/2018Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_081618_W
WesternButlerMale7 years8/17/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_081718_W
CentralNorthumberlandFemale5 months8/19/2018Fatality No Miller_Death_081918_C
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale20 months8/20/2018Fatality No McNeil_Death_082018_SE
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale3 months8/24/2018Fatality No Legrande_Death_082418_SE
SoutheastBucksMale2 years8/26/2018Fatality Lifted Curtis_Death_082618_SE
NortheastMonroeFemale3 years8/31/2018Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_083118_NE
NortheastMonroeFemale3 years8/31/2018Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_083118_NE
WesternCrawfordFemale19 months8/31/2018Fatality No Byler_Death_083118_W
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale2 months9/3/2018Fatality No Lemon_Death_090318_SE
Western ErieMale2 months9/4/2018Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale5 years9/6/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_090618_SE
CentralYorkMale2 years9/7/2018Fatality Yes 
WesternMercerMale2 months 9/7/2018 Fatality No Snyder_Death_090718_W
WesternGreeneMale 22 months9/7/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_090718_W
WesternAlleghenyFemale 19 months9/8/2018 Near Fatality  *Decertified 
Northeast Schuylkill Female 11 years9/12/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_091218_NE
Northeast SchuylkillMale 3 weeks9/13/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_091318_NE
Western Allegheny Male 5 months9/13/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
Western Allegheny Female 1 month9/15/2018 Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_091518_W
Southeast Montgomery Female 4 years9/18/2018 Fatality  Lifted Bunrout_Death_091818_SE
Western Butler Male 3 months9/18/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_091818_W
CentralPerryMale 3 weeks9/19/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
Southeast BerksMale15 months9/21/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
Western Clearfield Male 17 months 9/22/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_092218_W
Central LancasterMale 6 years 9/22/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_092218_C
Northeast Schuylkill Male 2 years 9/22/2018 Fatality  No Delhagen_Death_092218_NE
Northeast Luzerne Male 1 month9/23/2018 Fatality  Yes 
Central Lancaster Male 8 months9/24/2018Near Fatality  No NearDeath_092418_C
Western Erie Male 2 months9/24/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_092418_W
Central Franklin Male 6 years 9/26/2018Near Fatality Yes 
Southeast Philadelphia Male 2 years 9/27/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_092718_SE
SoutheastPhiladelphia Male 6 years9/28/2018Near Fatality No NearDeath_092818_SE
Central Cumberland Male 1 month9/28/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_092818_C
Western Greene Male 1 month 9/30/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_093018_W
Western Lawrence Male6 years9/30/2018 Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_093018_W
NortheastLuzerne Male1 month10/4/2018 Near Fatality  Yes  
NortheastLehighMale 23 months10/5/2018 Fatality  No Schmoyer_Death_100518_NE
WesternAllegheny Male2 years 10/6/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphia Male3 months 10/8/2018Near Fatality   *Decertified
Central Blair Female 2 years10/9/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale 5 months 10/13/2018 Fatality  No Feliciano_Death_101318_SE
WesternFayette Male 2 months 10/14/2018 Fatality  No Jones_Death_101418_W
SoutheastBerks Male 14 months 10/15/2018Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphia Female22 months10/16/2018 Fatality  No Diggs_Death_101618_SE
SoutheastMontgomery Male2 months 10/23/2018 Near Fatality Lifted NearDeath_102318_SE
NortheastLehighMale3 months 10/24/2018 Fatality  No Marcial-Roldan_Death_102418_NE
CentralColumbia Male16 months 10/26/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_102618_C
Western ErieMale 5 months 10/26/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
CentralDauphin Female 2 months 10/28/2018 Fatality Yes 
Western AlleghenyFemale 4 months 10/28/2018 Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_102818_W
WesternAlleghenyMale19 months 10/29/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastChesterFemale5 years 11/1/2018 Fatality Yes 
Central Bedford Female4 years 11/1/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_110118_C
Southeast Philadelphia Male 1 month 11/2/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_110218_SE
CentralLancaster Male 2 years 11/4/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
NortheastLuzerneFemale<1 day 11/5/2018 Fatality Yes  
SoutheastBucksMale10 months 11/14/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
Southeast Delaware Female 3 months 11/15/2018 Near Fatality No NearDeath_111518_SE
NortheastMonroe Female4 years 11/16/2018 Near Fatality  Lifted NearDeath_111618_NE
NortheastSusquehannaMale2 years 11/17/2018 Near Fatality   
SoutheastBucks Female 2 weeks11/17/2018 Fatality  Lifted Fahnestock_Death_111718_W
WesternWashington Female1 month11/18/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
NortheastLuzerne Male6 months 11/19/2018 Fatality Yes 
NortheastCarbon Male4 years 11/26/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
Western LawrenceUnknownUnknown 11/28/2018 Fatality  Yes 
SoutheastMontgomery Male4 years11/29/2018 Fatality  No Jones_Death_112918_SE
Northeast Northampton Female 15 years11/30/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_113018_NE
Southeast Berks Female2 weeks12/4/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_120418_SE
WesternWestmoreland Male11 months 12/5/2018 Near Fatality Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale 5 days 12/13/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_121318_SE
WesternVenango Female 23 months 12/13/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaMale 10 months 12/16/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_121618_SE
SoutheastDelaware Male 3 months 12/17/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_121718_SE
NortheastLehigh Female13 months 12/17/2018 Near Fatality   
SoutheastBucksMale2 years12/18/2018FatalityYes 
WesternMcKeanFemale3 months12/19/2018Near Fatality  
SoutheastDelawareFemale23 months 12/22/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_122218_SE
NortheastBradfordMale5 years12/22/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
SoutheastPhiladelphiaFemale14 months 12/23/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_122318_SE
WesternArmstrongMale6 months 12/24/2018 Fatality  No Milligan_Death_122418_W
CentralMifflinMale3 months 12/28/2018 Near Fatality  Yes 
CentralLebanonFemale4 months 12/31/2018 Near Fatality  No NearDeath_123118_C




* Reports are decertified when the certifying physician confirms the report was made in error, and either a child was not in serious or critical condition or an abusive act was not suspected in causing the child’s condition. Decertified near fatalities will not have final redacted reports posted in accordance with § 6365 as these reports are considered confidential pursuant to § 6339 of the Child Protective Services Law.