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Number(s): OA-10-01
Issue Date: 05/17/2010
Effective Date: 05/17/2010
Subject: FY 2011/12 Integrated Children’s Services Plan Guidelines
Program Office(s): Office of Administration
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Bulletin Attachment(s):
A. Cover Page - Integrated Children’s Service Plan Contact Information and Team Membership (to be submitted with plan) View
B. Self-Assessment of Community Level Outcome Indicators/ County Example and worksheet (to be submitted with plan) View
C. ICSP Promising Practices Budget Form Instructions, Budget and Narrative View
D. ICSP Resource A: ICSP Promising Practices Outcome Measures View
E. ICSP Resource B: Assessment and Strategies for Involving Families/ Youth in Planning for Integrating Children’s Services View
F. ICSP Resource C: Cross-Systems Children Service Values View
G. ICSP Resource D: Strategies for Promoting Cultural Competence among Agencies and Staff View

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