Health Alerts

Health Alerts and Health Spots are issued to provide Office of Development Program providers and supports coordinators, as well as families and individuals with valuable information to help protect against everyday health dangers and promote healthy and happier lives.

Health is defined as freedom from disease or abnormality or a condition of optimal well-being and a person's perception of his or her health is individualized. Safety is defined as freedom from danger, risk or injury. The challenge is to support a person to achieve an “Everyday Life” while maintaining health and safety. Please check here regularly to stay current with new information and updates.




 Alert: C Diff
Alert: Flu 
Alert: Toxic Household Substances
Alert: Heat Related Injury
Alert: Car/Van Heat Related Injury




Alert: SalmonellaAlert: Swine Flu
Alert: West Nile Virus
Alert: Norovirus
Health Spot: Immunization