Year 1 (1/1/96-6/30/96) Peer Group Median Data-Rate Setting Table

Year 1 Peer Group Median Data

On January 20, 1996, the Department published a public notice announcing the peer group medians for Case Mix Year 1 (January 1, 1996 - June 30, 1996). The tables described below contain the data used to calculate those peer group medians. These tables can be accessed from this site. They are in Excel spreadsheet format and Microsoft Excel is needed to access these files.

In addition to the data used to compute the Year 1 peer group medians, the tables also contain numerous fields of additional data that may be of interest or use to the provider community. In order that users may readily distinguish between those fields that were used by DHS to compute the medians and those that were not, the list of Year 1 Field Descriptions includes a column entitled "Median Calculation": The term "dormant field" is used to indicate fields that are unused. Depending on the field, it may be vacant, or it may be filled with default values, unverified data, incomplete data, or data that is obsolete because it has not been updated. All of the fields identified by a double asterisk (**) were used by DHS to compute the peer group medians; the other fields were not. In addition, while all of the fields identified by a double asterisk were verified prior to use in computing the peer group medians, the data in the other fields has not necessarily been verified.

Year 1 Table Descriptions