Eligible Hospital Payment Calculator

The Department has developed a payment estimator to assist hospitals in estimating the EHR Incentive Program payment amounts for which the hospital may be eligible. The results of the calculator are merely an estimate and are not the Department's final determination of the amount the hospital is eligible to receive as part of the incentive program. The Department will determine final payment amounts following the receipt and review of the hospital's program application.

If you have additional questions about this calculation, please contact us at RA-mahealthit@pa.gov.

Total Discharges: Total acute care discharges for all lines of business.
Total Inpatient Medicaid Bed Days: For the most current fiscal year listed, the number of total inpatient bed days where any services were rendered on any one day to an individual enrolled in an eligible Medicaid program.
Total Inpatient Bed Days: Total acute care bed days for all lines of business.
Total Charges - All Discharges: Total charges for all lines of business.
Total Charges - Charity Care: Total charity care for all lines of business.

Enter the end date of your last full fiscal year (MM/DD/YYYY):

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