Developmental Programs Provider Licensing

The Office of Developmental Programs (ODP) is the program office within the Department of Human Services that is responsible for oversight of the ODP service system and protecting the health and welfare of individuals with intellectual disabilities. Licensing regulations are developed to implement and enforce the minimum requirements for the operation of ODP-licensed facilities and residences. ODP licenses several types of provider-operated vocational facilities and residential homes.

Please utilize the links on this page to access information and documents related to licensing conducted by ODP.

The Pennsylvania Code is the Commonwealth's official publication of state rules and regulations. Pennsylvania Code Title 55 contains the chapters which regulate service provision governed by DHS. Title 55 contains the regulation chapters issued and implemented by DHS, applicable to conducting business with DHS and within the ODP service system, including the chapters specific to regulating ODP-licensed facilities and residences as identified below:

55 Pa. Code Chapter 2380 (relating to adult training facilities)
55 Pa. Code Chapter 2390 (relating to vocational facilities)
55 Pa. Code Chapter 6400 (relating to community homes for individuals with mental retardation)
55 Pa. Code Chapter 6500 (relating to family living homes)

The Pennsylvania Bulletin serves as the temporary supplement to The Pennsylvania Code, and also includes the following: statewide and local court rules; the Governor's Proclamations and Executive Orders; Actions by the General Assembly; Rulemakings by State agencies; Proposed Rulemakings by State agencies; and State agency notices.

Once you have found an applicable Pennsylvania Code section, you should check the certification date of that Title's Transmittal Sheet. To cover the period from the certification date to today (generally three to four months), reference should be made to bulletins issued during the period. The Pennsylvania Bulletin contains an updated list of The Pennsylvania Code chapters affected and a quarterly Subject Index as finding aids.

Licensing Inspection Instruments (LIIs) are developed by ODP for each of the licensing regulation chapters. LIIs clarify the meaning of the regulations and how the regulations are to be implemented, and offer suggestions on how to maintain compliance with the regulations. NOTE: The documents provided through these links are periodically updated to reflect the most current information and clarifications on the intent of the regulations. Information in these documents is subject to change. Please check back regularly for revised issues.

Chapter 2380 Licensing Inspection Instrument
Chapter 2390 Licensing Inspection Instrument
Chapter 6400 Licensing Inspection Instrument
Chapter 6500 Licensing Inspection Instrument

Score sheets are developed by ODP for each of the licensing regulation chapters and are used in conjunction with the LIIs. State licensors use the score sheets when conducting a licensing inspection to document compliance with regulations. The score sheets are also used by ODP licensed providers to complete provider self assessments. NOTE: The score sheets provided through the links below are periodically updated to reflect the most current information. These documents are subject to change. Please check back regularly for revised issues.

Chapter 2380 Score Sheet
Chapter 2390 Score Sheet
Chapter 6400 Score Sheet
Chapter 6500 Score Sheet

Please utilize the following links to access the Department-designated forms for developing and documenting the Individual Support Plan (ISP):

Individual Support Plan (ISP) – English
Individual Support Plan (ISP) – Spanish
DP 1032 ISP Signature Page
ODP bulletin #00-10-12, Individual Support Plans (ISPs)

ODP develops trainings in relation to licensing and regulations issued by ODP. Please check back regularly to view newly issued trainings. Please utilize the following links to access trainings related to licensing.

Individual Support Plan (ISP) Regulation Amendment Training: A training regarding the regulation amendments to 55 Pa. Code Chapters 2380; 2390; 6400 and 6500; that were issued on August 28, 2010 in the Pennsylvania Bulletin.

To be sure to be notified of revisions to the LIIs, score sheets and updated ODP trainings, please subscribe to the ODP listserv accessed through DHS' ODP listserv list webpage.