ChildLine and Abuse Registry

Child Abuse and Neglect

How ChildLine Protects Children

The Mission of ChildLine is to accept calls from the public and professional sources 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Cultural sensitivity and courteous demeanor will be displayed at all times to all callers. ChildLine will provide information, counseling, and referral services for families and children to ensure the safety and well-being of the children of Pennsylvania.

Reporting Child Abuse, Call 800-932-0313:

The Intake Unit (800-932-0313) is available 24 hours to receive reports of suspected child abuse. Professionals who come into contact with children are required to report when they have reasonable cause to suspect that a child under the care, supervision, guidance or training of that person or of their agency, institution or organization is an abused child. In addition, any person may report suspected abuse, even if the individual wishes to remain anonymous.

Each call is answered by a trained intake specialist who will interview the caller to determine the most appropriate course of action. Actions include forwarding a report to a county agency for investigation as child abuse or general protective services, forwarding a report directly to law enforcement officials or refer the caller to local social services (such as counseling, financial aid and legal services).

If you have any concerns or questions about how your call was handled, please contact one of our Intake Managers or the Director at 717-783-1964.

Database Unit:

This ChildLine section maintains the records of the pending complaint file (alleged child abuse investigations), central register (confirmed child abuse reports) and the unfounded file (reports awaiting expunction). All other sections rely on this unit to provide prior history information to child abuse investigators, fulfill requests for background checks, and statistical data for reports.

The contact number for this unit is 717-783-1964.

Verification Units:

The CPSL requires prospective child care service and school employees to obtain child abuse clearances from the Department to ensure they are not a known perpetrator of child abuse or student abuse.

Child care agencies are prohibited from employing any person who will have direct contact with children if the individual was convicted of certain criminal offenses or was named as a perpetrator of a founded report of child abuse within five years preceding the request for a clearance.

The contact number for this unit is 717-783-6211.

CareCheck Unit (CCU):

This Unit performs Child Abuse and Criminal History Clearances for relative/neighbor child care providers who care for children in the subsidized child care program. The intent is to help parents make informed decisions about their child care provider. Information is provided to the Unit from the Child Care Information Services (CCIS) and the County Assistance Offices (CAO's). The results of the Clearance reviews are relayed back to these agencies.

The contact number for this unit is 717-783-1964.

Volunteer Children's Act (VCA):

Federal criminal history record clearances by the FBI are available for Pennsylvania residents who are applying for the following positions in Pennsylvania: child care services; public or private schools, foster parents, adoptive parents. This Unit reviews and forwards the FBI information to the Pennsylvania State Police (PSP), which returns it to the VCA Unit. Unit staff review and dispense the results to the affected agencies.

The contact number for this unit is 717-783-1964.


This Unit conducts administrative reviews of requests to amend or expunge child abuse reports. It corresponds and interacts with perpetrators and their attorneys as well as investigating agencies and Departmental attorneys. When the decision has been made, Unit staff prepares the documentation informing the affected parties of the results and outlining additional options available.

The contact number for this unit is 717-783-1964.