Serve More People in the Community

DHS is creating a system that allows Pennsylvanians to receive services in the community, preserves consumer choice, and allows consumers to have an active voice in the services they receive. We believe that community living can meet the needs of most of our citizens. As we work to make this a reality, our goal of better serving more people in the community means: 

  • Increasing continuity of care for your long-term services and supports through our new Community HealthChoices program. The majority of Pennsylvanians prefer to live in their communities and homes as they age, and DHS is working to make that happen.
  • Improving our waiver enrollment process. DHS is working to decrease the amount of time it takes for providers and consumers to access the needed services.
  • Creating Certified Community Behavioral Health Clinics where we will serve adults with serious mental illness, children with serious emotional disturbance and individuals with substance use disorders. The clinics will allow us to further bridge the gap between physical and behavioral health and enable us to treat all health issues equally and comprehensively. This approach builds trust with those we serve and the result will be better outcomes and better health.
  • Refining the home modification process to enable more Pennsylvanians to live independently in their homes.
  • Clarifying policy surrounding direct care workers (DCWs). We believe that the work performed by DCWs, including personal attendants and other household aides, enables individuals with disabilities to live a more independent life. 

Information Referral Tool

Need help identifying long-term services and supports based on your individual needs? Take this questionnaire. It will point you toward services in your area.