Modernizing Program Integrity

The Department of Human Services is improving the way we do business. We’re making sure that payments only go to those who are eligible, can determine eligibility in the most cost-effective and efficient way for recipients, and holding providers accountable through licensing and monitoring. In order to do this, DHS is:

  • Shifting to using predictive analytics and data analysis. It is a smarter way to ensure the delivery of services to Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable citizens. In September 2015, we issued an RFI for the use of innovative data analytics and technologies to modernize its handling of program integrity functions that block improper payments.
  • Creating a Third Party Liability portal that allows individuals to access services online.
  • Implementing identity proofing to validate identities of benefit applicants.
  • Integrating the Office of Child Development and Early Learning licensing and monitoring system. 

Helping Those Who Need It While Demonstrating Accountability (PDF)

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Monitoring Usage of Benefits (PDF)